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Royal Court budget at Parliament

Jan 09,2014 - Last updated at Jan 09,2014

In an unprecedented move that reflects the country’s move to instil the values of good governance, transparency and separation of powers, the Lower House Finance Committee on Monday debated the Royal Court budget.

Too bad that the head of the committee did not allow the media at the meeting, which was attended by the Royal Court secretary general and other senior officials, particularly that His Majesty King Abdullah, who is leading the country’s reform drive, was keen to have this JD35.7 million budget debated openly by people’s representatives and declared in a transparent manner.

Reflecting this same atmosphere of openness and transparency just days earlier, Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour presented, as defence minister, the Armed Forces budget to legislators.

These steps come at the initiative of King Abdullah and in line with the ongoing reform process that over the past years witnessed several milestones.

They clearly demonstrate that the country’s steady and gradual march towards a true democracy will continue despite the regional situation and immense challenges facing the country.

In addition, they manifest the keenness to give Parliament its due role in monitoring the performance of other state agencies and asserting its authority as a protector of the interests and assets of the country and its people.

This degree of transparency, which is unparalleled elsewhere in the Arab world, should be emulated by other establishments in Jordan, including by private sector agencies.

It should also be a source of pride for Jordanians who are working with their leadership to support the ongoing reform process and enhance the principles of democracy and good governance in their country.

Transparency is a major goal and component of this reform process, which, more than a year earlier, witnessed the birth of the National Integrity Committee at the request of the King. The committee was to boost efforts to fight corruption and enhance an environment of accountability.

There is no better way to show the seriousness of dealing with state affairs in a transparent manner than by having deputies debate the Royal Court budget.

This way, our parliamentarians and all other concerned authorities know that there are no limits to their authority, that all state institutions are accountable and have to be run in a transparent manner, and that the march towards a better future will not be reversed.

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