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In solidarity with Turkey and Syria

Feb 09,2023 - Last updated at Feb 09,2023

As stories of survival and heartbreak emerge after the massive earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria, rescuers are searching for signs of life through the mountains of rubble and debris — a catastrophe, the level of destruction of which cannot yet be fathomed.

Upon the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah, aircraft affiliated with the Royal Jordanian Air Force were dispatched to Turkey and Syria loaded with humanitarian aid, mainly rescue equipment, logistical and medical supplies and tents. The Kingdom also sent a 99-member medical team composed of international search and rescue personnel and doctors from the Royal Medical Services. To date, the Kingdom continues to send multiple batches of aid convoys to the affected areas.

It is worth mentioning that the international Jordanian search and rescue team is affiliated with the Public Security Directorate, and has received a high-ranking international classification. 

With empathy and solidarity, Jordanians immediately took to social media to rally support for the survivors of the earthquake as, according to media reports, many are currently without shelter, food or electricity amid the inclement weather conditions that continue to hamper rescue efforts. 

In congruence with historical proof, Jordan, despite being a small nation with limited resources, spared no effort to lend a helping hand to its neighbours in the time of need. 

In the aftermath of the disaster, the foreign ministry announced that the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organisation (JHCO) is currently coordinating relief efforts with the relevant Syrian and Turkish authorities. 

According to the ministry, JHCO is the sole authority tasked with collecting and delivering assistance, with all materials and in-kind aid to be delivered through the organisation.

JHCO requested that any national institution or individual willing to donate items limit their contributions to only medicine and medical supplies, blankets, tents, winter clothing, food parcels, drinking water and cash donations.

United under Hashemite leadership, Jordanians of all walks of life extend their utmost solidarity and support to the resilient Syrian and Turkish people, who will assuredly overcome this tragic incident in due time.

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