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Royal wedding: A Jordanian family affair

Jun 01,2023 - Last updated at Jun 01,2023

From households to bustling streets, Jordanians are celebrating the historic wedding of HRH Crown Prince Hussein and HRH Princess Rajwa united as a tight-knit family.

With inclusivity at its heart, the ceremony and accompanying celebrations have cultivated a sense of national belonging, inviting every individual to see their own histories and identities reflected in dignified presentations of the Kingdom’s diverse cultural traditions.

Anchored in Hashemite tradition, His Majesty King Abdullah hosted a dinner banquet on Wednesday ahead of the Crown Prince’s wedding at the Royal Hashemite Court’s Madareb Bani Hashem, which was attended by citizens from all segments of Jordanian society.

During the event, His Majesty affirmed that Madareb Bani Hashem are the home of all Jordanians, and thanked them for sharing in the joy of the event. “The joy of celebrating Al Hussein is completed with the presence of all invitees,” His Majesty said.

As Jordanians from all walks of life are warmly welcomed to take part in the joyful fanfare, the occasion indeed has the sense of a family affair magnified on a national scale. Flooding the streets with well wishes, Jordanians met the Royal Red Motorcade procession following the ceremony with an outpouring of convivial unity and national pride, exuding an aura of the Kingdom’s community spirit.

Embodying Jordan’s heritage and diverse culture, the event also served as a special occasion to proudly display to the world the traditions that Jordanians hold dear.

With extensive coverage from both domestic and international media as well as an impressive guest list of foreign dignitaries, the monumental event attracted attention from far beyond the Kingdom’s borders, offering the world a glimpse into the country’s characteristic blend of tradition and modernity. 

As the world watches the celebration of this milestone, it also witnesses a broader display of the possibilities of a 21st century monarchy, one rooted in Jordan’s principled commitment to openness, diversity and development, as well as the Kingdom’s steady hold on its foundational core.

In hand with every Jordanian, The Jordan Times would like to express our honour in baring witness to this highlight in Jordan’s national memory, and we extend our best wishes to Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Hussein and Princess Rajwa Al Hussein for a lifetime full of happiness and love.

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