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Jordan at 77

May 26,2023 - Last updated at May 26,2023

Jordanians on Thursday marked the nation’s 77th Independence Day with enormous patriotic zeal and enthusiasm, celebrating the Kingdom’s feats and taking pride in the perseverance and steadfastness that serve as the hallmarks of the nation’s journey. 

Nearly some eight decades ago, King Abdullah 1, the founder of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, pioneered the struggle to make the Kingdom an independent sovereign country against formidable obstacles.  The quest for independence came to fruition when King Abdullah 1 declared the Kingdom’s independence on May 25, 1946.

There started a journey in nation building. Challenges threatening to block the road to progress, such as geopolitical tensions and scarce natural resources, to name a few, failed to play spoilsport as a small nation took great steps to modernity.

Upon his Accession to the Throne in 1999, His Majesty King Abdullah II continued the nation’s strides towards development. In the economic and social sphere, the nation has witnessed remarkable headways since.

Recently, the Kingdom entered a new phase of progress by embarking on political, economic, and administrative modernisation tracks. The King identified these tracks as the foremost comprehensive project for the state over the coming years.

Last year also witnessed the launch of the Economic Modernisation Vision, to act as a national roadmap across governments. The vision, which will be implemented in three phases over 10 years, focuses on unleashing Jordan’s full potential to achieve comprehensive and sustainable growth, and generate job opportunities.

 Legislative amendments to modernise the political system are also in the works, leading to a greater degree of parliamentary and partisan life befitting of Jordanians and Jordan’s democratic journey.

On the diplomatic front, Jordan continues to be an unwavering champion of the Palestinian cause at all regional and international fora, upholding the  Kingdom’s historical right to safeguard Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem stemming from the Hashemite custodianship. 

Amid the mounting repercussions of regional crises, Jordan opened its doors to people who seek refuge. Soaring strain on infrastructure did not compel the country to relinquish its inherent humanitarian role.

Turning another milestone in history, Jordan at 77 is not devoid of challenges. From the firm foundation constructed nearly eight decades ago, the Kingdom still rises to face challenges, while diligently maintaining the anchor of stability in the region.  Diligently, the nation continues its journey with revamped vigour, united behind the Hashemite banner.

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