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Heralding a second centennial of development

Feb 20,2021 - Last updated at Feb 20,2021

His Majesty King Abdullah is setting Jordan’s priorities for its second centennial by focusing on the continuous development and the evaluation of institutions’ performance with the goal to further improve and uphold the rule of law.

The second centennial is about moving ahead with unwavering reform efforts and upholding the rule of law.

The extensive reform process encompasses all institutions without exceptions, which enhances transparency, the rule of law and institutional efficiency.

This is the serious and far-sighted development process that His Majesty has always talked about, and brings the Kingdom one step closer in that direction.

Jordan’s comprehensive development journey is proceeding ahead while addressing areas that need redressal.

Among them what tops is the urgency to prevent any institutional overlap that hinders investments.

This step builds on what has been achieved in terms of restructuring security institutions, including the merger of the public security, the civil defence and the gendarmerie directorates to institutionalise and enhance performance.

Developing and restructuring institutions is part of an approach that has been ongoing for several years and is subject to regular evaluation. The process is being fast-tracked based on previous experiences that have proven successful. 

The post-COVID-19 phase is an opportunity for the state to re-visit the steps needed to strengthen its institutional performance at the political, administrative and economic levels.

His Majesty has sent a clear message to state institutions to step up the reform drive and carry out duties as identified by the law. 

His Majesty is always keen on listening to the opinion and feedback of all segments of society. His vision is in line with Jordanians’ aspirations, especially youth, for further modernisation and development, as shown in the results of the recent parliamentary elections, where nearly 100 young new faces were voted into office, despite the conditions imposed by COVID-19.

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