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Ramzy Baroud
By Ramzy Baroud - Jul 25,2023
Israeli President Isaac Herzog added nothing of great value in his speech at the United States Congress on July 19.His was the typical language.
By Ramzy Baroud - Jul 11,2023
The deadly Israeli invasion of Jenin on July 3 was not a surprise.Also, unsurprising is the fact that the killing of 12 Palestinians, wounding of 120 more and the destruction of nearly 80 per cent of the Jenin Refugee Camp’s homes and infrastructure will not make an iota of a dif
By Ramzy Baroud - Jul 05,2023
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not just against the establishment of a Palestinian state, he wants to eliminate the very aspirations for such a state.This was the gist of Netanyahu's remarks, made at a meeting of the Israeli Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defence Com
By Ramzy Baroud - Jun 27,2023
Numbers can be dehumanising. However, when placed in their proper context, they help to illuminate wider issues and answer urgent questions, such as why is Occupied Palestine at the threshold of a major revolt.
By Ramzy Baroud - Jun 13,2023
The Israeli government is at it again, actively discussing the construction of thousands of illegal settlement units as part of a massive settlement expansion scheme known as E1.Though Israeli construction in the East Jerusalem area has supposedly been halted under international
By Ramzy Baroud - May 30,2023
After signing a military decree on May 18, allowing illegal Israeli Jewish settlers to reclaim the abandoned Homesh settlement located in the northern Occupied West Bank, the Israeli government has informed the US Biden Administration that it will not turn the area into a new set
By Ramzy Baroud - May 23,2023
Though the United States remains a strong supporter of Israel, there are some indications that the supposed “unbreakable bond” with Tel Aviv is faltering, though more in language than in deeds.Following the provocative “Flag March” on May 18, which is carried out annually by Isra
By Ramzy Baroud - May 16,2023
All Israeli wars on the Palestinians throughout the years have been promoted and justified by Tel Aviv in the name of “security” and “fighting terrorism”.Israel’s biggest challenge throughout many of these wars was hardly the Palestinian Resistance, however steadfast and resilien
By Ramzy Baroud - May 09,2023
Khader Adnan was not a “terrorist” with “Israeli blood on his hands”, as pro-Israeli propagandists have been repeating in the news and on social media.If the former Palestinian prisoner, who died in his Israeli prison cell following 87 days of an uninterrupted hunger strike was,
By Ramzy Baroud - May 02,2023
 A succession of events starting in Barcelona, Spain, in February, and followed in Liège, Belgium, and Oslo, Norway, in April sent a strong message to Israel: The Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) is alive and well.In Barcelona, the city's Mayor ca



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