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Ramzy Baroud
By Ramzy Baroud - Apr 18,2017
Back in the Middle East for a few months, I find myself astounded by the absence of strong voices of Arab intellectuals.The region that has given rise to the likes of Michel Aflaq, George Habash, Rached Al Ghannouchi, Edward Said and numerous others has marginalised its intellect
By Ramzy Baroud - Apr 11,2017
For Palestinians, 2017 is a year of significant anniversaries.While historians mark May 15 as the anniversary of the date on which Palestinians were expelled from their historic homeland in 1948, the fact is that the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians began in earnest in 1947.I
By Ramzy Baroud - Apr 04,2017
Once more, the Arab Peace Initiative of 2002 is taking centre stage.Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas insisted during his speech at the recently concluded Arab League summit, that the initiative is the only solution on the table, asserting that it will
By Ramzy Baroud - Mar 21,2017
When Terry Holdbrooks Jr converted to Islam in 2003, he was inundated with death threats and labelled a “race traitor”.If a religious conversion ever deserves to be admired, Holdbrooks’ does, and not because Islam has “won” yet another convert, but because the new conve
By Ramzy Baroud - Mar 14,2017
“We must look back twenty-five years to realise how far Israel has fallen in world support,” wrote famed Jewish scholar, Harvard sociologist, Nathan Glazer in 1976.In the 40 years since Glazer wrote his piece, which was uncovered and transmitted by journalist Philip Wei
By Ramzy Baroud - Mar 07,2017
At a glance, Israel appears a true democracy. Take a closer look, and that facade of democracy will soon dissipate, turning into something else entirely.February 28 was one of those moments.
By Ramzy Baroud - Feb 28,2017
I was recently asked to give a talk about “being an American Muslim in the United States”.
By Ramzy Baroud - Feb 21,2017
The president of the United States can hardly be taken seriously, saying much but doing little.His words, often offensive, carry no substance, and it is impossible to summarise his complex political outlook about important issues.This is precisely the type of American presidency
By Ramzy Baroud - Feb 14,2017
Empirical historical evidence and a little common sense are enough to tell us the type of future options that Israel has in store for the Palestinian people: perpetual apartheid or ethnic cleansing, or a mix of both.The passing of the “Regularisation bill” on February 6 is all we
By Ramzy Baroud - Feb 07,2017
I fear that many of us hate Donald Trump for the wrong reasons.Multitudes are being swayed by mainstream media-inspired demonisation of the new US president, based on selective assumptions and half-truths.US mainstream media, which rarely deviate from supporting the American



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