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Ramzy Baroud
By Ramzy Baroud - Sep 03,2019
On September 1, the Lebanese group Hizbollah, struck an Israeli military base near the border town of Avivim.
By Ramzy Baroud - Aug 27,2019
Israel's decision to bar two United States Democratic Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from entering Israel and visiting Palestine has further exposed the belligerent, racist nature of the Israeli government.But our understanding of the Israeli decision, and the massi
By Ramzy Baroud - Aug 20,2019
Israeli Jewish settlers are on a rampage in the occupied Palestinian West Bank.
By Ramzy Baroud - Aug 14,2019
Writing under the title of “If the El Paso shooter had been Muslim”, Moustafa Bayoumi stated the obvious.“If the El Paso shooter had been a Muslim,” Bayoumi wrote in the British Guardian newspaper on August 6, US President Donald Trump “would be lobbing accusations such as ‘Islam
By Ramzy Baroud - Aug 06,2019
On July 29, four-year-old Muhammad Rabi’ Elayyan was reportedly summoned for interrogation by the Israeli police in occupied Jerusalem.The news, originally reported by the Palestinian News Agency (WAFA), was later denied by the Israeli police, likely to lessen
By Ramzy Baroud - Jul 30,2019
It would be unfair to claim that Palestine has not produced great leaders.
By Ramzy Baroud - Jul 23,2019
Seven-year-old Tariq Zabania from Al Khalil (Hebron) was killed on the spot when an Israeli Jewish settler ran his car over him on July 15. Little Tariq’s photograph, lying face down on the road, was circulated on social media.
By Ramzy Baroud - Jul 16,2019
History never truly retires.
By Ramzy Baroud - Jul 09,2019
Those who are still hoping that the new American agenda on Palestine and Israel is temporary, or reversible, should abandon this false hope. Washington’s complete adoption of Israel’s messianic, extremist policies regarding occupied Palestine has been a long time in the making.
By Ramzy Baroud - Jul 02,2019
Europe’s “Scramble for Africa” began in earnest in 1881, but never ended.



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