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What's On

Time — Exhibition of works by Himat at Nabad Art Gallery. Through November 30. Tel: 4655084


In Waiting for the Mare of Truancy — Exhibition of works by Ghazi Inaim at Foresight32 Art Gallery. Through December 1. Tel: 5560080

Indetermination — Exhibition of works by Waleed R. Qaisi at Orient Gallery. Through December 1. Tel: 5931331


Brazilian Photo Exhibition — Exhibition of new prints of photos from XIX century Levant, collected by the Brazilian Emperor Pedro II during his journey to the Holy Land in 1876, at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts - Building 1. Through December 1. Tel: 4630128


Precious — Collages by Karina Rbeihat, Lahib Jaddo and Riman Meho at Jacaranda Images. Through December 10. Tel: 4644050


Stillness — Exhibition of works by Annie Kurkdjian at Wadi Finan Art Gallery. Through December 17. Tel: 079 5966623


Topography of Place – Palestine and Jordan — Homage to Dr. Hisham Al Khatib: the Collector and the Archive at Darat Al Funun. Through January 31. Tel. 4643252


Revisiting Darat Al Funun’s Main Building: Stories, History, and Restoration at Darat Al Funun. Through January 31. Tel. 4643252



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