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Jonathan Power
By Jonathan Power - Apr 24,2014
US Secretary of State John Kerry’s foray into the politics of peace between Israel and Palestine appears to have run aground despite his tireless and single-minded efforts. It is clear that Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu never believed in it. Israelis of
By Jonathan Power - Apr 17,2014
By Jonathan Power - Apr 10,2014
The widespread perception that China is or will become soon an aggressive, expansionist power is simply wrong. It is propaganda, rather than fact, a kind of right-wing agitprop. Far from being an aggressive power, China is a defensive one, and has long been so.
By Jonathan Power - Apr 03,2014
Russia and China feel under threat from the US, and their people are clearly behind their governments on this. Not without reason.  NATO has pushed itself up to Russia’s borders.
By Jonathan Power - Mar 27,2014
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech to both houses of the Russian parliament last week got bad notices. Anne Applebaum, the experienced Russian watcher, wrote in her column in The Washington Post that it was “an imperial rant” and went on to say that &ldq
By Jonathan Power - Mar 13,2014
The big immigration debate is often the big obscurantism debate.
By Jonathan Power - Mar 06,2014
It was the Americans, back in the time of the deposed shah, who encouraged Iran to develop a nuclear bomb-making capacity.
By Jonathan Power - Feb 27,2014
Thank heavens for the Sochi Olympics. Russian President Vladimir Putin was committed to ensuring they showed Russia in its best light, and they did.
By Jonathan Power - Feb 20,2014
The drumbeats are already sounding for the soon-to-be-held general election in the world’s largest democracy, India, the country that shows China how it should be done. There is a sense in the country that the ruling Congress Party and the influential Gandhi/Nehru core of
By Jonathan Power - Feb 14,2014
US aviation authorities banned carrying toothpaste on planes heading to the Sochi Winter Olympics for fear they might contain a deadly explosive.



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