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Jonathan Power
By Jonathan Power - Jul 18,2014
When one sets out to answer the riddle about the future of Ukraine the answers that come depend to some extent on how far back one goes, but even if history casts a long shadow it is the events of the last half year, shaped by young demonstrators, mobs and militias, that dominate
By Jonathan Power - Jul 10,2014
Three Israeli teenagers murdered on Palestinian soil. One Palestinian boy burnt to death whilst alive in an apparent retaliation.
By Jonathan Power - Jul 03,2014
Nobel prizewinning economist Robert Fogel believes that China will grow at an average rate of 8 per cent until 2040, by which time it will be twice as rich as Europe in per capita terms. His model is based partly on so-called geometric growth.
By Jonathan Power - Jun 26,2014
War is all over the place. It seems. Not just in Syria and Iraq, but now in Pakistan as well.
By Jonathan Power - Jun 12,2014
In recent months, the scaremongers have been at it again. Russia’s foray into Ukraine and China’s behaviour in the South China Sea have set their alarm bells ringing. But why? Big power politics is not back.
By Jonathan Power - Jun 05,2014
Black Africa long went deeply down. Now it is rushing headlong up.
By Jonathan Power - May 29,2014
Who makes foreign policy in the US government? Ultimately the president. That goes without saying.
By Jonathan Power - May 22,2014
Who makes the law of the sea as China and Vietnam clash over China moving an oil rig close to an island only 40 kilometres from mainland Vietnam? One would hope that China, which has ratified the Law of the Sea Treaty that has, among its other virtues, an arbitrating court for s
By Jonathan Power - May 15,2014
Oil provides 70 per cent of booming Nigeria’s government revenues and without that, since tax collection is so poor, Nigeria would be a country without much in the way of education, health facilities, infrastructure building and urban renewal. People talk suggestively abou
By Jonathan Power - May 08,2014
South Africans know how to behave at election time: responsible as voters and honest in their voting procedures. This is part of the legacy of Nelson Mandela who, as his funeral last year made clear, was the most honoured and respected leader in the world. The country that has



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