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Fares Braizat
By Fares Braizat - Feb 02,2019
Israel and Iran pose serious threats to regional security from the Arab public opinion’s perspective. While the second spot used to be occupied by the US, it has now been replaced by Iran.
By Fares Braizat - Jan 26,2019
The good news: The Jordanian public opinion continuously proves its rationality over emotional hype.
By Fares Braizat - Jan 12,2019
Recent shuttle diplomacy by American envoys in the region aims at solidifying a new regional order to confront Iran’s influence and expansionist policies.
By Fares Braizat - Jan 05,2019
This title is not mine. It is by Daniel J.
By Fares Braizat - Dec 29,2018
A country is only as resilient as its people.
By Fares Braizat - Dec 22,2018
It is alarming when nearly a third of adult Jordanians express a desire to emigrate, and a quarter of those who want to emigrate have taken action to realise their desire.
By Fares Braizat - Dec 15,2018
The Arab League will be facing a serious challenge in inviting Syria back to the Arab League 30th Summit to be held in Tunis in March 2019.
By Fares Braizat - Dec 08,2018
Jordan and the international community should embrace having to deal with over 50 per cent of Syrian refugees in Jordan who will not go back.
By Fares Braizat - Dec 01,2018
A total of 43,000 Facebook users engaged digitally in the call for the November 30 collective action protest.
By Fares Braizat - Nov 24,2018
More than one-third of adult Jordanians expressed their intention and desire to emigrate in 2018, up from 16 per cent in 2011, according the Arab Opinion Index.



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