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Fares Braizat
By Fares Braizat - Jul 28,2019
The current system of political parties’ funding ensured, by design, a very low level of incentivised political competition among political parties.
By Fares Braizat - Jul 23,2019
The main goal of political reform is to achieve a parliamentary government. Practically it means the leader of the largest parliamentary bloc should form the government.
By Fares Braizat - May 20,2019
Back in February 2011, nearly three-quarters of adult Jordanians and 80 per cent of the elites’ sample supported protests that were taking place in the Arab world demanding political and economic reforms.
By Fares Braizat - Apr 29,2019
Government performance and investor confidence are at historic low levels.
By Fares Braizat - Apr 21,2019
Jordan has very little interest, if any, in being part of any inter-Arab cold war, or wars.
By Fares Braizat - Apr 13,2019
Since the 1940s, with each wave of instability in the region, we hear voices talking about the imminent “collapse of Jordan”, with titles such as “Jordan on the brink”, now add “again”, then add: “How did Jordan manage through?” Each wave is associated with a set of strong extern
By Fares Braizat - Apr 06,2019
If the leaks of US President Donald Trump’s “deal of the century” turn out to be true, or somewhat true, a few countries across the region will have to face hard choices. One of those countries is Israel.
By Fares Braizat - Mar 23,2019
In 2018 alone, the General Intelligence Directorate (GID) and its renowned counterterrorism squad thwarted 62 terrorist operations abroad and 32 internally. This is a conviction-based global service.
By Fares Braizat - Mar 16,2019
The issue of concern to us today is that Jordan’s social capital indicators have declined significantly to an alarming low edge.
By Fares Braizat - Mar 09,2019
Persuasive engagement with power brokers in Washington is vital to Jordan’s interests, stability and survival. Washington is not the only capital that is important to Jordan, but it is the most important capital.



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