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Will France intervene in Yemen?

Jan 18,2015 - Last updated at Jan 18,2015

Many questions could be raised regarding the recent attacks in Paris. Yet, the major questions are related to the consequences of these attacks that come at a very critical moment in the shaping a new strategy to combat terrorism.

The Paris attacks might be looked at as a smaller version of September 11. The two cannot be compared, but it might be that a different version of the fight against terrorism will be launched, one in which France will have a leading role.

Recent information that links the Paris attacks to Al Qaeda in Yemen might impose a change in the French approach to terrorism in the region.

It might be possible to link the news about the deployment of the nuclear aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle in the Gulf and the Indian Ocean to a new French role in fighting terrorism, and direct intervention beyond Syria and Iraq, which might be conducted individually, away from the coalition that fights terrorism in the region, similar to the French approach to Africa.

Assuming that the coming phase might witness confrontations with terrorism away from Iraq, Yemen might be the prime candidate for such confrontation between France and Al Qaeda.

But does France have a real capacity to conduct individual strikes in Yemen, or even to push the coalition to do so?

Most importantly, the complexity of the Yemeni scene, especially the Houthi movement, might transform Yemen into a place where regional and international powers fight openly.

France might be the only actor that could play a significant role in changing the balance of power in Yemen now that the hesitant US administration has failed to do so.

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