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Tough challenges await new PM

Oct 11,2020 - Last updated at Oct 11,2020

His Majesty King Abdullah could not be any clearer when he outlined the key priorities, objectives and issues on the agenda of the new government headed by Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh.

In his Letter of Designation, the King stressed that citizens’ health and well-being have and always will be the topmost priority, demanding that the government continue to take all carefully studied measures to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, in a manner that balances healthcare considerations with operating economic sectors and safeguarding citizens’ livelihoods.

The King has also called on the new government to exert its utmost efforts to upgrade the healthcare system and enhance its readiness and capacities and to utilise the capabilities of the health sector, within a centralised approach that enables us to respond quickly to this pandemic and its developments.

His Majesty stressed that the government's efforts must be directed towards ensuring economic recovery in the coming phase, through clear programmes with specific timelines and measurable steps to allow for evaluation and follow-up, leaving a tangible impact on limiting the pandemic’s economic implications, stimulating growth and increasing the competitiveness of productive sectors.

The government must continue developing the social safety system to ensure a decent life for all Jordanians, tie it to health, education and employment, and seek to reflect its positive impact on all segments of the society.

As Jordan is on the threshold of its second centennial, the King said the government must capitalise on the Kingdom’s points of strength and promising potential in several sectors, especially food processing, pharmaceutical and medical supplies industries, while moving forward with economic, financial and structural reforms to achieve comprehensive and sustainable growth and bolster the business climate, and Jordan’s regional and international competitiveness.

It is clear that the government's task will not be easy at such exceptional times and its mandate will heavily be oriented to domestic affairs including, combating the crisis, absorbing and overcoming the economic consequences of the crisis, creating jobs and attracting investments, among others. This comes as a big relief to Jordanians, whose basic concerns are bread and butter issues.

Khasawneh will encounter several pressing challenges that he needs to deal with as he goes on with carrying out his mandate.

We wish him all the success because his success would be the country's success as well.

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