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A step that bodes well

Jan 14,2014 - Last updated at Jan 14,2014

The joint US, Russian Federation call on both Damascus and the opposition forces to observe a ceasefire in some parts of Syria is an important, far-reaching, development.

It sends the clear message that the two powers are now cooperating to find a solution to the civil war in this Arab country.

It was the disagreement between Washington and Moscow so far that prevented a way out of the carnage and destruction in Syria.

With more than 125,000 people killed during the three-year-old fighting, it must have finally dawned on the two capitals that it was about time they joined forces in an effort to end the suffering of the Syrian people.

The symbolism and importance of the united front the two superpowers make goes beyond the proposal to cease fire in the Aleppo region or open humanitarian corridors in the country so that the starving people can get badly needed food and medicine, all the more needed in the harsh winter season.

It is a show of common power to which, it appears, both the Syrian regime and the opposition forces have responded positively.

This bodes well for the projected Geneva II peace conference, which, if it convenes, will open, as a result, on positive note.

This encouraging development might increase the chances of a constructive outcome from the conference.

The killing and destruction in the country have to stop — whatever that takes — so that the Syrian people may at last have peace and stability, and enjoy normal life.

The US and Russia could easily join forces to bring normalcy to Syria. The above-mentioned call could be just a good beginning.

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