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Preserving citizens’ health and rights

Sep 28,2020 - Last updated at Sep 28,2020

On Sunday, two Royal Decrees were issued dissolving the Lower House and the Senate as of September 27, 2020. Under the Constitution, the Jordanian government is to resign within a week from the date of dissolution and the incumbent prime minister is not to be tasked with forming a new government.

The dissolution comes ahead of a constitutional requirement: Jordan's parliamentary elections slated for November 10. 

Although elections could be held within four months of the dissolution of the Lower House, the election commission has set November 10 as the date for the polls. Preparations for elections are in full swing and they will gather more steam a month before elections. 

This year's elections come at exceptional times when the country is facing mounting challenges at the social, health and economic levels.

Such exceptional times, especially the current epidemiological situation, require exceptional measures to protect the health of voters and ensure the smoothness of the process at the same time preserving the health of all.

During a recent meeting with key figures from a number of governorates, His Majesty King Abdullah said the upcoming parliamentary elections are a constitutional requirement, stressing that hopes are pinned on an improving and stable epidemiological situation. 

Thus, authorities should exert their utmost efforts to ensure that the health of voters is well protected and not to solely rely on "citizens' awareness". 

A main concern pertaining to the upcoming elections is that the voting cause people to congregate at the polling stations on the election day. Casting ballots is of paramount importance and the legislators have a key role to play in addressing the myriad of challenges Jordan is facing, whether it comes to the high number of unemployment or the social and economic challenges.

A recent poll by the Centre for Strategic Studies showed that 74 per cent of the polled believe that situation is not going in the right direction and it is the duty of all, including youth, to take their voting right seriously and vote for representatives for their merit, rather than blood ties to put things on the right track.

The youth must have their say in the upcoming elections and selecting representatives that they believe are the best for shaping a better future for the country and a capable and efficient legislature to address the national challenges. 

All Jordanians should have their say in the upcoming elections and vote for those they feel will serve the country best.

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