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On path to self-reliance

Sep 14,2020 - Last updated at Sep 14,2020

His Majesty King Abdullah has underscored the global nature of the challenges posed by the coronavirus, noting that it is also an opportunity to promote self-reliance and develop local industries.

During a recent meeting with key figures from a number of governorates at Al Husseiniya Palace, the King emphasised the need to continue efforts to counter COVID-19, highlighting the value of public awareness and cooperation in safeguarding Jordan’s achievements since the onset of the pandemic.

After a stringent, but effective lockdown, the government in June allowed businesses to resume operations when the nation entered the moderate risk level.

Bearing the brunt of a nearly three-month lockdown, businesses have embarked on a long road to recovery with the aid of a slew of government relief packages.

The public and private sectors have risen to the occasion to expand the local production of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies for domestic consumption and for exporting purposes.

The pandemic brings an opportunity to Jordan to emerge as a powerhouse of pharmaceutical manufacturing and medical supplies. 

As the virus crisis takes its toll on many of the Kingdom’s sectors, the agricultural sector has shown resilience, recording a bumper season. Agriculture was among a handful of sectors that were allowed to work during the lockdown. 

With the spectre of rising unemployment looming over youth as well as Jordanian expatriates, the government must hasten its measures to boost the economy and encourage investment.

However, the Kingdom has started to witness three-digit rise in local infections.

The government has attributed the rise in local cases to the public’s complacency. Although the government is not inclined to reimpose a comprehensive curfew, as for now, it has urged the public to loyally abide by health measures.

Public awareness and cooperation are pressing priorities at this critical juncture. 

Lockdowns alone can’t be employed as a tool to confront the pandemic. In the absence of a vaccine for COVID-19, commitment to the cardinal rules of wearing masks, physical distancing norms and hygiene practices remains the only remedy against the deadly virus.

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