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Digitalisation is the future of rapidly changing industries

Dec 02,2020 - Last updated at Dec 02,2020

“Jobs Now: Going digital during COVID-19”, organised by the international non-governmental organisation SPARK with the contributions of the Qatar Development Fund (QFFD), was held online.

At the meeting, besides the digitalisation opportunities that will pave the way for immigrant SMEs, entrepreneurs, students, future trends and the importance of digitalisation for different industries were discussed in detail.

SPARK’s CEO Yannick Du Pont said: “Although the worldwide pandemic affects our lives deeply, we are going through a period of learning more about technology in our daily and business lives.

We do our jobs by using opportunities offered by technology too and digitalisation is the future of all sectors.

As SPARK, we will continue to support entrepreneurs, students and SMEs to keep up with the transformation in the digitalising to keep their strengths during these challenging period.” SPARK, an international non-governmental development organisation, working to create pathways for young people to rebuild their future, organised an important conference with the support of the Qatar Development Fund (QFFD), a public development institution committed, on behalf of the state of Qatar, to implement external aid projects.

While “Going digital during COVID-19” bringing together national and international business leaders, the advantages of digitalisation were discussed in details for SMEs, entrepreneurs and students who want to invest in different sectors.


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