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Richard N. Haass
By Richard N. Haass - Mar 08,2017
For nearly four centuries, since the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 ended the Thirty Years’ War in Europe, the concept of sovereignty — the right of countries to an independent existence and autonomy — has formed the core of the international order.And for good reason: as we have se
By Richard N. Haass - Mar 05,2017
In a world of disarray, the Middle East stands apart.The post-World War I order is unravelling in much of the region. The people of Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya have paid an enormous price.But it is not just the present and future of the region that has been affected.
By Richard N. Haass - Mar 26,2016
The US presidential election is still more than half a year away, and it is impossible to know with any certainty who will be nominated to represent the major parties, much less who will be the 45th occupant of the White House.But it is not too soon to assess the mood of the coun
By Richard N. Haass - Feb 29,2016
The decision whether to remain part of the European Union is obviously one for the British people and their elected representatives to make.But more than British and European interests will be affected by the outcome, so it is both legitimate and appropriate for other parties to
By Richard N. Haass - Oct 31,2015
There has been no shortage of scrutiny of what Russian President Vladimir Putin is up to in Syria and why.Much of the analysis, though, has been narrowly focused on the short term and may be too negative in assessing his actions’ likely long-term consequences.What we know is that
By Richard N. Haass - Jun 22,2015
It is impossible to know whom American voters will choose as their next president. But it is certain that the choice will have profound consequences, for better and for worse, for the entire world.More than anything else, this reflects the continuing reality of American power.



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