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Richard N. Haass
By Richard N. Haass - Jun 15,2020
NEW YORK — The United States finds itself confronting several daunting challenges simultaneously. There is the COVID-19 pandemic, which has already claimed nearly 120,000 lives and shows little sign of abating in large swaths of the country.
By Richard N. Haass - Mar 04,2020
NEW YORK — After nearly two decades, 2,400 soldiers killed, another 20,000 wounded and as much as $2 trillion spent, the United States is understandably eager to withdraw from Afghanistan.
By Richard N. Haass - Jan 06,2020
NEW YORK — The United States emerged from the Cold War some three decades ago possessing a historically unprecedented degree of absolute and relative power.
By Richard N. Haass - Nov 19,2019
NEW YORK — Until just a few years ago, it looked as if the problem posed by nuclear weapons had been successfully managed, if not solved.
By Richard N. Haass - Oct 19,2019
NEW YORK — There are several reasons why US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw American forces from northern Syria, and leave the region’s Kurds vulnerable to neighbouring Turkey’s military incursion, was a terrible one.
By Richard N. Haass - Sep 15,2019
NEW YORK — Nearly everyone has seen the dramatic images of the Amazon ablaze.
By Richard N. Haass - Jun 16,2019
NEW YORK — US President Donald Trump’s administration has singled out Iran, even more than Russia, China or North Korea, with sustained pressure over the past two and a half years.
By Richard N. Haass - Mar 18,2019
NEW YORK — When last month’s summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ended without a deal, the result was not surprising.
By Richard N. Haass - Feb 20,2019
NEW YORK — Much of lasting significance happened in 1979.
By Richard N. Haass - Feb 03,2019
NEW YORK — After more than 17 years, the time has come to accept two important truths about the war in Afghanistan. The first is that there will be no military victory by the government and its American and NATO partners.



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