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Nermeen Murad
By Nermeen Murad - Aug 25,2014
Parliament overwhelmingly approved a motion to support constitutional amendments that establish a special commission for parliamentary and municipal elections, as well as rearrange the hierarchy of armed forces to separate military operations from services provided by the armed f
By Nermeen Murad - Mar 16,2014
Ahmed Daqamseh was a Jordanian soldier entrusted with protecting Jordan’s borders from dangerous intruders. When he decided to use his weapon to attack and murder schoolgirls from across the border, he broke his pledge to his country as a soldier.
By Nermeen Murad - Mar 09,2014
An article on Jordan published this week in a reputable international weekly was not only biased and weak, it was also riddled with factual errors about the country. The magazine that published it is one of many international publications that have been given privileged access t
By Nermeen Murad - Feb 23,2014
Politicians, as we all know, do not have to abide by the rules of “ethical” politics.
By Nermeen Murad - Feb 16,2014
Deputy Mustafa Hamarneh’s criticism of what he called the “political framing” of the function of tribes in Jordan, which, he said, may eventually cause them to operate like non-militarised militias, has insulted “tribal” Jordanians. More important
By Nermeen Murad - Feb 09,2014
I rarely — if ever — write about foreign policy in Jordan or the Arab world, primarily because when I started my career as a journalist a couple of decades ago, and writing this column, some years ago, very few journalists dared or wanted to write about local issues
By Nermeen Murad - Jan 26,2014
Official Jordan loves its success story and is not ashamed to flaunt it.
By Nermeen Murad - Jan 19,2014
Jordan last week witnessed an important transformation in its democratic process that will serve as a positive example of how parliamentarians can come together to force a change of policy — and this is the critical part — on behalf of their constituencies. It wa
By Nermeen Murad - Jan 12,2014
I enjoyed watching former House speaker Saad Hayel Al Srour, in a widely circulated video, appealing to a Saudi tribe, on behalf of his long-time friend former prime minister Abdul Karim Kabariti, to drop their charges against the latter’s son over what seemed to have b
By Nermeen Murad - Jan 05,2014
A Jordanian widow and her five children live in a cave in Pakistan, on handouts from the good people of Pakistan, awaiting any sign of humanity (or political intelligence) from the Jordanian authorities who are denying her children entry to Jordan because their father only ca



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