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Nermeen Murad
By Nermeen Murad - Sep 23,2018
I had a conversation with my eldest son this week about how we make decisions and select among available choices.
By Nermeen Murad - Sep 15,2018
A source I trust told me recently that the not-for-profit sector in Jordan is the second largest employing sector in Jordan after the public sector.
By Nermeen Murad - Sep 08,2018
Most recently, Jordanians have been referring to what they call “deep state” or “al dawla al ameeqa” to refer to “shadow” forces that scuttle or hinder reform and political progress in the country.
By Nermeen Murad - Sep 01,2018
The government of Premier Omar Razzaz issued some 10 days ago an infographic that apparently showcased its success in achieving over 60 per cent of its pledges to Parliament with expectations that it would achieve all within the 100 first days in office.
By Nermeen Murad - Aug 18,2018
In June 2016, the UK voted to leave the EU.
By Nermeen Murad - Aug 04,2018
There persists a claim that Jordan has largely “escaped” the impact of the Arab Spring, yet it is becoming obvious that although we may not have witnessed a “physical” impact as such, Jordan is nevertheless in the midst of a transformational phase that is no less historically sig
By Nermeen Murad - Jul 21,2018
I was in a conversation with a visiting researcher this week and she asked whether the escalating political and military situation in Palestine could trigger instability in the Arab World within the next year.
By Nermeen Murad - Jul 14,2018
When Prime Minister Omar Razzaz was first proposed to be head of the executive authority in Jordan, Jordanians circulated a paper he wrote back in 2013 entitled “The Treacherous Path Towards a New Arab Social Contract” and celebrated its analysis of the seven transformation facto
By Nermeen Murad - Jul 07,2018
This week, Prime Minister Omar Razzaz will present his government’s plan to parliamentarians and seek their vote of confidence to lead the executive authority for the next two years, at which point Parliament will itself be put to a confidence vote by the people as part of the ne
By Nermeen Murad - Jun 23,2018
A youth activist from the north of Jordan eloquently described her concerns after the appointment of Omar Razzaz as prime minister and the announcement of his Cabinet members.



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