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Musa Keilani
By Musa Keilani - Aug 13,2016
Within two months, municipal elections will be held in Gaza and West Bank, giving a stronger indication of where the Palestinian people stand.No general elections have been held since 2006, when Hamas managed to win a comfortable majority against Fateh in the legislative assembly
By Musa Keilani - Aug 06,2016
The Golan Heights give reason to the region to worry.The deteriorating situation there, whereby 1,000 jihadists affiliating with Daesh chose Golan as their base, poses a tangible threat that requires prompt action.And with another 1,500 jihadists calling themselves Jabhat Al Nusr
By Musa Keilani - Jul 30,2016
The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan has decided to run for parliamentary elections this year through their political arm the Islamic Action Front. Following years of boycotting elections in protest against “the one-person, one-vote” formula, the current leadership of the Brothe
By Musa Keilani - Jul 23,2016
The United States of Turkey, is the title of a chapter in a book that promotes President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s vision of Turkey in 2050, and is part of the political literature distributed by the Justice and Development Party in Ankara. The book names, as members, many Euro
By Musa Keilani - Jul 16,2016
The King’s Torah, a controversial rabbinic text, forced itself on Arab public opinion last week, when Col. Eyal Karim was named as chief rabbi for the Israeli forces.
By Musa Keilani - Jul 09,2016
The Western Wall in Jerusalem is not part of Solomon’s Temple, announced the former president of the International Rabbinical Assembly, Rabbi Reuven Hammer, in an article published by The Jerusalem Post on July 3, 2016.Hammer accused some religious groups of attempting to monopol
By Musa Keilani - Jul 02,2016
The Jerusalem Day was celebrated this weekend in many Arab and Muslim capitals by street demonstrations and public events reminding heads of states of their duty towards the Holy City.For the last 36 years, the last Friday of the fasting month of Ramadan has been assigned as a da
By Musa Keilani - Jun 25,2016
Although The Rakban terrorist attack on a military post in the Syrian-Jordanian border area has been shrouded in mystery since June 21, 2016, it is a wake up call for all of us. The Rakban border outpost is the cornerstone of a new high-tech security system being installed w
By Musa Keilani - Jun 18,2016
The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan last week took a major decision that will reflect on future development of political life in the Kingdom.Internal elections of the political bureau resulted in a new supervisor, Abdel Hamid Thuneibat, from Karak, a moderate former member of p
By Musa Keilani - Jun 11,2016
One big question emerges from last week’s terrorist attack in Baqaa, where five intelligence staff officers were killed by Jordanian Mahmoud Masharfeh who used to live in the adjacent refugee camp: Who pushed a 22-year-old man to join Daesh, and betray his family and country



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