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Musa Keilani
By Musa Keilani - Mar 01,2014
King Abdullah’s visit to Indonesia this week carries more political implications than the visits he had to other South Asian countries. The Islamic dimension of the trip was clear; there are 241 million Indonesians.
By Musa Keilani - Feb 22,2014
A new terrorist group is emerging and has all the potential to be a key player among Islamic Jihadists. It calls itself “Ansar Beit Al Maqdis”, in Arabic, “Partisans of Jerusalem”. The founder of this group is Sheikh Abdallah Al Ashqar.
By Musa Keilani - Feb 15,2014
One of Al Qaeda ideologues is being retried this week by the State Security Court in Amman for crimes he is accused of committing 15 years ago. Sheikh Abu Qatada, Omar Mahmoud Mohammed Othman Omar, was handed over by the British authorities to serve his term in Jordan, in a de
By Musa Keilani - Feb 08,2014
As masters in the game of chess, the Iranians managed to expand their influence into more than one pivotal area in this region. They have secured for themselves, with Russian backing, a seat at the forthcoming round of talks, which is supposed to take place this week to put th
By Musa Keilani - Jan 25,2014
In case the news leaks prove to be true, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas might have swallowed the bait dangled to him by Moscow, to sign a $1 billion natural gas deal, using the Palestinian offshore fields in the Mediterranean and a smaller land field near Ramallah. Such
By Musa Keilani - Jan 18,2014
The Israeli prime minister’s visit to Jordan a few days ago came at a perfect time to clear the air of mistrust, to affirm the special relationship between the two countries, and to calm many Jordanians who feared a repeat of a secret deal between the Palestinians and t
By Musa Keilani - Jan 11,2014
Arab reactions to the American Secretary of State John Kerry’s framework agreement have been both mystifying and misleading. Since 1967, the Arab states have been asking Washington for more involvement in the Palestinian cause, since the United States is the only power
By Musa Keilani - Jan 04,2014
The American Secretary of State John Kerry had the main core of his peace plan leaked to the press. According to what was circulated in more than one capital, sovereignty over East Jerusalem will pass to an international commission comprising the United States, Israel, the Pales



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