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Michael Jansen
By Michael Jansen - Mar 22,2017
Syria’s once most populous city, and trade and industrial hub, Aleppo, has been deeply wounded by the war. After rebels took control of the poor eastern quarters in July 2012, Aleppo suffered conflict, division and devastation. Thousands of its citizens died, hundreds o
By Michael Jansen - Mar 15,2017
US President Harry Truman popularised the saying, “The buck stops here,” meaning: “I am responsible for what happens while I am in office.”Truman, who served from 1945 to 53, was a blunt man, a former shopkeeper turned politician. Few contemporary politicians accept this dic
By Michael Jansen - Mar 08,2017
Since Donald Trump’s election victory in November hate crimes, intimidation and vandalism have escalated across the US.The main targets are foreigners, Muslims, Hispanic Americans, African-Americans and other ethnic minorities.In some cases, perpetrators are white supremacists, i
By Michael Jansen - Mar 01,2017
Sitting in the press centre at UN headquarters in Geneva, speaking to colleagues and nabbing a delegate to the Syrian “peace” talks should show journalists that this, the fourth round, is not “same old, same old”.Yes, there are the “same old” sides: the government and the “old” e
By Michael Jansen - Feb 22,2017
Donald Trump’s short-lived suggestion the US could back the “one-state solution”, involving a bi-national Palestinian-Israeli state, instead of the internationally accepted “two-state solution”, alarmed Palestinians, Israelis and the international community.A day later, Trump’s U
By Michael Jansen - Feb 15,2017
It is hardly surprising that Hamas, which has ruled Gaza for nearly a decade, should elect Yahya Sinwar, a hardliner from its military wing, as its next de facto prime minister to replace moderate Ismail Haniyeh.He is set to be named leader of the Hamas organisation at home and a
By Michael Jansen - Feb 08,2017
During his presidential election campaign, Donald Trump proclaimed long and loudly that he sees Iran as Washington’s regional enemy.He pledged to “tear up” the agreement providing for the dismantling of Iran’s nuclear programme in exchange for the lifting of sanctions, reached in
By Michael Jansen - Feb 01,2017
It is significant that there have been demonstrations at airports and in cities across the US against Donald Trump’s decree banning citizens from seven mainly Muslim countries from entering the US for months until “extreme vetting” procedures decide who may be admitted.US citizen
By Michael Jansen - Jan 25,2017
Britain’s vote to leave the European Union has left both parties in uncharted territory, plagued by uncertainty and, even, enmity.Prime Minister Theresa May’s call for Britain to be accorded the benefits of the single market without being obliged to abide by its rules and regulat
By Michael Jansen - Jan 18,2017
So far this year, there have been two major efforts to promote political settlements in the Eastern Mediterranean region: the Geneva negotiations between Greek and Turkish Cypriots, and the Paris gathering dealing with Palestine and Israel.While in Geneva between January 9 and 12



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