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Michael Jansen
By Michael Jansen - Jun 13,2019
Raqqa is in ruins. Thousands of civilians are dead. Survivors are recovering their remains from under the rubble of homes, shops, public buildings, schools, hospitals and mosques. The US is the main culprit.
By Michael Jansen - May 30,2019
US President Donald Trump is about to authorise the sale of $8 billion worth of arms, mainly to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, by citing a federal law allowing him to declare a national emergency to bypass Congress, which opposes the war on Yemen and has halted suppli
By Michael Jansen - May 22,2019
US President Donald Trump has responded viciously to the first Republican lawmaker to charge him of impeachable conduct.
By Michael Jansen - May 16,2019
The repeatedly postponed Syrian government offensive against insurgent-held Idlib has begun, despite pleas from the UN, the West and humanitarian relief agencies that 3 million civilians dwell on the battleground.
By Michael Jansen - May 08,2019
Following last weekend's violent exchanges between Israel and Gaza, US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib asked, "When will the world stop dehumanising our Palestinian people, who just want to be free?" She was criticising media "framing", and rightly blamed media for contributing to Is
By Michael Jansen - May 01,2019
One of the reasons the Sri Lankan authorities failed preempt and prevent a Daesh-inspired massacre of Christians on Easter Sunday may have been that both victims and Muslim attackers belong to minorities.In November 2016, the country's justice minister claimed 32 Sri Lankans from
By Michael Jansen - Apr 24,2019
During President Donald Trump’s recent visit to the US mid-western city of Minneapolis, he encountered not only cheering supporters, but also angry critics of his campaign to demonise and marginalise Muslims.
By Michael Jansen - Apr 17,2019
After losing the war on Syria's battlefields, the US and the EU are prosecuting the war by economic means. Although they imposed sanctions early in the eight-year conflict, they have gradually ramped up bans on imports of essential items, and have denied Damascus funds to re
By Michael Jansen - Apr 11,2019
The Syrian peace process has stalled because Western powers which lost the war on the battlefield seek to win through sanctions and blockade.
By Michael Jansen - Apr 03,2019
The Trump White House hosts an Evangelical Christian cabal which is contributing to the destabilisation of this region. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Vice President Mike Pence are the two highest ranking cabal members in the administration.



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