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Michael Jansen
By Michael Jansen - Jan 25,2023
Harvard University's Kennedy School last week reversed its decision to reject a fellowship for former Human Rights Watch (HRW) director Kenneth Roth who plans to write a book about his 30-year experience on the firing lines in global battles against discrimination and abuse.
By Michael Jansen - Jan 18,2023
The execution as a spy of former Iranian deputy defence minister Alireza Akbari who had British as well as Iranian citizenship has been condemned by Britain and France and international human rights organisations.
By Michael Jansen - Jan 11,2023
The Euro-centric Western prosecutors of the Ukraine war care little or nothing for the peoples of this region, Africa and Asia who have suffered collateral damage due to nearly a year of warfare.
By Michael Jansen - Jan 04,2023
While condemning the Taliban's latest misogynist policies, Western governments, aid agencies and media have ignored rulings and statements by eminent Islamic scholars and key organisations which should but do not influence Afghanistan's rulers.The Taliban's bans began as soon as
By Michael Jansen - Dec 28,2022
The New Year is certain to be dominated by destructive policies adopted in 2022 by global, regional, national and local authorities. On the planetary level, policy-makers have for decades failed to seriously confront global warming/climate change which is wreaking havoc arou
By Michael Jansen - Dec 20,2022
Amman has courageously entered the Jordanian film “Farha” for 2023 Oscars.  This is a courageous action because “Farha” is the story told by a teenage girl who, locked in a cupboard by her father, witnessed the massacre of her family by Israel’s underground army during the 1
By Michael Jansen - Dec 14,2022
A week after his Republican Party won a narrow majority in the US House of Representatives inthe November mid-term election, Donald Trump declared his intention to run again for the presidency If elected in 2024, he would become only the second inhabitant of the White House to se
By Michael Jansen - Dec 07,2022
The BBC recently broadcast an hour-long programme about the struggle of US natives to secure their legal rights in the state of Oklahoma where they claim nearly half the land belongs to indigenous tribes.
By Michael Jansen - Nov 30,2022
Israel's occupation policies robbed the Palestinian people of $50 billion between 2000 and 2020 by blocking the growth of their economy, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has reported to the General Assembly.The report, "Economic costs of the Israeli occupation
By Michael Jansen - Nov 23,2022
Jibran Bassil, who heads Lebanon’s Free Patriotic Movement (FPM), has been told by its ally Hizbollah the group will not support him for the presidency and will, instead, continue to back the candidacy of Suleiman Frangie.



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