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Michael Jansen
By Michael Jansen - May 03,2018
Four Palestinians were shot dead last Friday in Gaza during the protests against their incarceration in the narrow, impoverished coastal strip. The total of fatalities during the previous consecutive five Fridays was 45, while 6,000 have been wounded.
By Michael Jansen - Apr 25,2018
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has gone on the warpath to convince his country's voters to give him a wide margin of victory in the June 24 snap presidential election forwarded from November 2019.
By Michael Jansen - Apr 18,2018
The western missile attacks on alleged Syrian chemical sites pre-empted the visit to the town of Douma, east of Damascus, by experts from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, who were charged with discovering whether or not the Syrian air force had used such
By Michael Jansen - Apr 11,2018
This region has become a free fire zone. Any country can become a shooting gallery at any moment. A video of the shooting by an Israeli sniper of a Palestinian man standing motionless near the Gaza fence is symbolic in our times. Another Israeli who recorded the sc
By Michael Jansen - Apr 04,2018
The war in Syria has entered a new, complicated and confusing phase.
By Michael Jansen - Mar 29,2018
March is a month of anniversaries. Two weeks ago, I wrote about the demonstrations that set Syria on the course for seven years of deadly and destructive war. During this week 15 years ago, the US invaded Iraq.
By Michael Jansen - Mar 21,2018
Donald Trump's choice of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director Mike Pompeo as secretary of state to succeed sacked Red Tillerson has made many in Washington uneasy.
By Michael Jansen - Mar 14,2018
Seven years ago today, activists inspired by Arab Spring uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt protested in Damascus and other Syrian cities, calling for democratic reforms. The demonstrations were dispersed by the security forces, and a number of protesters were detained.
By Michael Jansen - Mar 08,2018
The Syrian army, backed by Russian airpower, is set to retake Eastern Ghouta, the countryside, towns and villages adjacent to Damascus. As Eastern Ghouta is the last major stronghold of a range of takfiri fighters on the edge of the capital, the Syrian government cannot affo
By Michael Jansen - Feb 28,2018
Donald Trump's December 6th decision to shift the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and his announcement last week that the ambassador would move to the holy city in mid-May in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the proclamation of Israel could shore up, at least tempor



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