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Michael Jansen
By Michael Jansen - Dec 20,2023
Israel's Gaza war and West Bank raids have stolen Bethlehem's Christmas celebrations this year. The little hill town where Jesus was born in a stable 2,000 years ago has grown dark this season.
By Michael Jansen - Dec 14,2023
While claiming to support Israel's "right to defend itself" the Biden administration's political protection and arming of Israel during its cruel and devastating war on Gaza is, in reality, backing Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's desperate drive to remain in office.Last week,
By Michael Jansen - Dec 07,2023
The Biden administration has waited too long to rein in Israel over its deadly and devastating war on Gaza. After Hamas’s sudden attack on southern Israel on October 7, President Joe Biden promptly declared that Israel has the right to defend itself without defining limits.
By Michael Jansen - Nov 29,2023
Writing about the Gaza war, The Irish Times' distinguished columnist Fintan O'Toole cited Roman historian Tacitus (56-120 AD) who quoted the Scottish chieftain Calgacus, leader of the resistance to Roman rule, as saying of the Romans, "They make a desert and call it peace." O'Too
By Michael Jansen - Nov 22,2023
Since launching its latest war on Gaza on October 7, Israel has systematically decimated the strip's healthcare sector, which had been crippled by Israel's 16-year seige and blockade.
By Michael Jansen - Nov 16,2023
Israel is fortunate that in this time of crisis the US president is Joe Biden. Of Irish-Catholic background, as a child Biden learned of Hitler’s persecution and mass murder of Jews during World War II.
By Michael Jansen - Nov 08,2023
Before Israel's most deadly and devastating war on Gaza, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) issued repeated reports on conditions in Israeli-occupied Gaza, warning that Israel had a long-term policy of "de-development".In a report released on October 25th as Isra
By Michael Jansen - Nov 01,2023
International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor Karim Khan has said his office has “active investigations” ongoing into “any crimes committed on the territory of Palestine and any crimes committed, whether it is by Israel and Palestine or whether it is acts committed on the territo
By Michael Jansen - Oct 25,2023
Surging violence and tensions in this region could have been avoided if the main actors had seriously considered their responses to Hamas' October 7 invasion of southern Israel.Before the launch, Hamas should have assessed the potential outcomes of the well planned and efficientl
By Michael Jansen - Oct 18,2023
President Joe Biden’s visit during the ongoing Gaza war will bolster Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his right-wing coalition, earn Biden kudos from pro-Israeli US legislators, lobbyists and supporters, but will not improve his low 39 per cent approval rating with t



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