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Mahmoud Al Abed
By Mahmoud Al Abed - Sep 12,2018
The new income tax bill is finally out; same old same old, and no idea if people have the energy, the time and the mood to take to the streets "to change the government" like they did earlier this summer. But regardless of how the scene would look like in the coming days, wh
By Mahmoud Al Abed - Sep 05,2018
The debate triggered by the incident at Al al-Bayt University in Mafraq is timely.
By Mahmoud Al Abed - Aug 15,2018
Criticism targeting Media Minister of State for Media Affairs Jumana Ghunaimat, especially during and after this week's security operation to eradicate a suspected terror cell, was expected, but not necessarily fair. Maybe it is not the person, but the approach and attitude.
By Mahmoud Al Abed - Aug 08,2018
"It turned out that the same official who was facilitating my investment was communicating all information about me and my [good] financial position to someone bigger than him," alleges a Lebanese investor on a darting show produced by Kingdom TV, clips from which have been circu
By Mahmoud Al Abed - Aug 01,2018
Almost midway into its 100-day challenge, the government of Prime Minister Omar Razzaz, has run into a set of challenges that illustrates where Jordan stands and raises a big question about the path ahead.
By Mahmoud Al Abed - Jul 26,2018
We do not have a health insurance problem in Jordan. The majority of population, both citizens and their guests, are covered by some kind of medical insurance system.
By Mahmoud Al Abed - Jul 18,2018
Perhaps those who support the return of some form of mandatory military service, dubbed locally "banner service", have been reluctant to say it loud because they know the answer in advance: lack of funds at very difficult times facing the national economy. Even when Prime Mi
By Mahmoud Al Abed - Jul 11,2018
For the world's number one anti-graft watchdog to carry the name "Transparency International" has a very good reason.
By Mahmoud Al Abed - Jul 04,2018
There are no permanent friends or enemies in politics or international relations, they say, but there are permanent interests.
By Mahmoud Al Abed - Jun 27,2018
Prime Minister Omar Razzaz might be the last bullet in Jordan's gun as a man who comes at a desperate time to give hope, supposing he can.The Harvard professor and technocrat-turned-politician has more charisma and popular approval than any other premier Jordan has seen in decade



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