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Mahmoud Al Abed
By Mahmoud Al Abed - Jul 11,2018
For the world's number one anti-graft watchdog to carry the name "Transparency International" has a very good reason.
By Mahmoud Al Abed - Jul 04,2018
There are no permanent friends or enemies in politics or international relations, they say, but there are permanent interests.
By Mahmoud Al Abed - Jun 27,2018
Prime Minister Omar Razzaz might be the last bullet in Jordan's gun as a man who comes at a desperate time to give hope, supposing he can.The Harvard professor and technocrat-turned-politician has more charisma and popular approval than any other premier Jordan has seen in decade
By Mahmoud Al Abed - Jun 20,2018
Enough is enough. Motorbikes roaming the streets of our cities have become too much of a public nuisance for the extremely loud exhaust systems they use "as an alternative for horns to warn motorists".This is the most ridiculous excuse one could ever hear.
By Mahmoud Al Abed - Jun 14,2018
Jordan wins, and thats what counts most.Attached to it is a cluster of winners, including the approach of leadership to protests that took place across the Kingdom, but the star was the nightly activity held mainly by educated middle-class youth at the Fourth Circle in Amman.&nbs
By Mahmoud Al Abed - Jun 06,2018
Commenting on the civilised manner the protests against the income tax draft law and social injustice, among others, His Majesty King Abdullah has said that he was happy to see the refined behaviour of thousands of the country's youth from all backgrounds and walks of life. 
By Mahmoud Al Abed - May 30,2018
As he met heads of professional associations, who were planning a nationwide strike protesting the proposed income tax law, Prime Minister Hani Mulki told the critics that amending the existing law, as part of an adjustment programme coordinated with the International Monetary Fu
By Mahmoud Al Abed - May 23,2018
Officials involved in the ongoing talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), at the fiscal and monetary levels, seem more confident, and rightly so, in this critical round. For starters, the IMF’s assessment of progress in reforms undertaken by the government is extre
By Mahmoud Al Abed - May 16,2018
We all know that the approximately six million Palestinian refugees will not go back home any time soon, not when leaders like Donald Trump are around.
By Mahmoud Al Abed - May 09,2018
The amended tax law drafted by the government is likely to pass the legislative process towards enactment.



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