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Joseph S. Nye
By Joseph S. Nye - Jun 22,2014
Last month, in his address to the graduating cadets at the US Military Academy at West Point, President Barack Obama stated that some of America’s most costly mistakes since World War II were the result not of restraint, but of a “willingness to rush into military adv
By Joseph S. Nye - May 17,2014
Brazil recently hosted NETmundial, the first global conference on Internet governance, attended by 800 representatives of governments, corporations, civil-society organisations and technologists. Based on the notion of “multi-stakeholderism”, the meeting produced a 1
By Joseph S. Nye - Apr 12,2014
By most accounts, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been the winner in the Ukraine crisis, at least so far.
By Joseph S. Nye - Feb 13,2014
Is the United States turning inward and becoming isolationist?



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