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Joseph S. Nye
By Joseph S. Nye - Nov 19,2017
In 2008, when the United States’ National Intelligence Council (NIC) published its volume Global Trends 202, a key prediction was tighter energy competition. Chinese demand was growing, and non-OPEC sources like the North Sea were being depleted.
By Joseph S. Nye - Apr 17,2017
I frequently travel overseas, and invariably my foreign friends ask, with varying degrees of bewilderment: What in the world is going on in your country?Here is what I say. First, do not misinterpret the 2016 election.Contrary to some commentary, the American political
By Joseph S. Nye - Feb 15,2017
President Donald Trump’s critics have consistently underestimated his political communication skills, perhaps because he is so different from predecessors such as Franklin D.
By Joseph S. Nye - Dec 11,2016
In early November, US President Barack Obama reportedly contacted Russian President Vladimir Putin personally to warn against cyber attacks aimed at the American presidential election.The previous month, the director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, and Jeh Johnson, the s
By Joseph S. Nye - Oct 10,2016
In many Western democracies, this is a year of revolt against elites.The success of the Brexit campaign in Britain, Donald Trump’s unexpected capture of the Republican Party in the United States, and populist parties’ success in Germany and elsewhere strike many as heralding the
By Joseph S. Nye - Jun 06,2016
A trend towards greater authoritarianism seems to be spreading worldwide.Vladimir Putin has successfully used nationalism to tighten his control over Russia and seems to enjoy great popularity.
By Joseph S. Nye - May 24,2016
Donald Trump, the Republican Party’s presumptive US presidential nominee, has expressed deep scepticism about the value of America’s alliances.
By Joseph S. Nye - Apr 21,2016
Britain joined what became the European Union in 1973.
By Joseph S. Nye - Mar 08,2016
Donald Trump’s lead in the race for the Republican Party’s nomination as its presidential candidate in November has caused consternation.The Republican establishment fears he will not be able to defeat Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic nominee.
By Joseph S. Nye - Jan 10,2016
In 1973, US secretary of state Henry Kissinger, following a period of American preoccupation with Vietnam and China, declared a “year of Europe”.More recently, after President Barack Obama announced a US strategic “pivot”, or rebalancing, towards Asia, many Europeans worried abou