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Joseph E. Stiglitz
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Sep 09,2017
Hurricane Harvey has left in its wake upended lives and enormous property damage, estimated by some at $150-180 billion.
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Jul 29,2017
Although America’s right-wing plutocrats may disagree about how to rank the country’s major problems — for example, inequality, slow growth, low productivity, opioid addiction, poor schools and deteriorating infrastructure — the solution is always the same: lower taxes and deregu
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Jul 09,2017
Under President Donald Trump’s leadership, the United States took another major step towards establishing itself as a rogue state on June 1, when it withdrew from the Paris climate agreement.For years, Trump has indulged the strange conspiracy theory that, as he put it in 2012, “
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Jun 03,2017
Donald Trump has thrown a hand grenade into the global economic architecture that was so painstakingly constructed in the years after the end of World War II.The attempted destruction of this rules-based system of global governance — now manifested in Trump’s withdrawal of the Un
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Apr 12,2017
In barely a month, US President Donald Trump has managed to spread chaos and uncertainty — and a degree of fear that would make any terrorist proud — at a dizzying pace.Not surprisingly, citizens and leaders in business, civil society and government are struggling to respond appr
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Jan 15,2017
Every January, I try to craft a forecast for the coming year.
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Oct 16,2016
As I have travelled around the world in recent weeks, I was repeatedly asked two questions: Is it conceivable that Donald Trump could win the US presidency?
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Jul 25,2016
For 200 years, there have been two schools of thought about what determines the distribution of income — and how the economy functions.One, emanating from Adam Smith and 19th-century liberal economists, focuses on competitive markets.
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Mar 19,2016
Something interesting has emerged in voting patterns on both sides of the Atlantic: Young people are voting in ways that are markedly different from their elders.A great divide appears to have opened up, based not so much on income, education or gender as on the voters’ generatio
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Feb 22,2016
Sri Lanka has been deservedly praised for the progress it has made since the end of the war against the separatist Tamil Tigers in 2009.The economy has grown at an average annual rate of 6.7 per cent, and education and health statistics are impressive.All developing countries fac



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