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Joseph E. Stiglitz
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Aug 28,2019
NEW YORK — For four decades, the prevailing doctrine in the United States has been that corporations should maximise shareholder value, meaning profits and share prices, here and now, come what may, regardless of the consequences to workers, customers, suppliers and communities.
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Aug 14,2019
NEW YORK — In the new world wrought by US President Donald Trump, where one shock follows another, there is never time to think through fully the implications of the events with which we are bombarded.
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Jul 05,2019
NEW YORK — Facebook and some of its corporate allies have decided that what the world really needs is another cryptocurrency, and that launching one is the best way to use the vast talents at their disposal.
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Apr 23,2019
NEW YORK — Kirstjen Nielsen’s forced resignation as the US secretary of homeland security is no reason to celebrate. Yes, she presided over the forced separation of families at the US border, notoriously housing young children in wire cages.
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Mar 19,2019
NEW YORK — The world’s advanced economies are suffering from a number of deep-seated problems.
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Mar 03,2019
NEW YORK — In the last few years, globalisation has come under renewed attack.
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Jan 10,2019
NEW YORK — It is old news that large segments of society have become deeply unhappy with what they see as “the establishment”, especially the political class.
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Dec 08,2018
INCHEON — Just under 10 years ago, the International Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress issued its report, “Mismeasuring Our Lives: Why GDP Doesn’t Add Up”. The title summed it up: GDP is not a good measure of well-being.
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Sep 06,2018
NEW YORK — As Larry Summers rightly points out, the term “secular stagnation” became popular as World War II was drawing to a close. Alvin Hansen, and many others, worried that, without the stimulation provided by the war, the economy would return to recession or depression.
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Aug 04,2018
NEW YORK — What was at first a trade skirmish — with US President Donald Trump imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum, appears to be quickly morphing into a full-scale trade war with China.



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