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Joseph E. Stiglitz
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Jan 02,2021
NEW YORK — There is so much to celebrate with the new year. The arrival of safe, effective COVID-19 vaccines means that there is light at the end of the pandemic tunnel (though the next few months will be horrific).
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Dec 04,2020
NEW YORK — US President-elect Joe Biden’s decision to appoint Janet Yellen as the next secretary of the Treasury is good news for America and the world.
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Oct 03,2020
NEW YORK — Whereas Nero famously fiddled while Rome burned, US President Donald Trump has famously hit the links at his money-losing golf courses while California burns — and as more than 200,000 Americans have died of COVID-19 — for which he himself has now tested positive.
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Sep 29,2020
NEW YORK — For a while in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were high hopes for a V-shaped recovery.
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Sep 16,2020
NEW YORK — Julia Jackson, the mother of Jacob Blake, a young black man from Kenosha, Wisconsin, who was shot seven times in the back by police, got it right when she said, “America is great when we behave greatly.” Sadly, for the past four years, President Donald Trump has been l
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Jul 04,2020
NEW YORK —  Although it seems like ancient history, it has not been that long since economies around the world began to close down in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Jan 18,2020
NEW YORK — As the world’s business elites trek to Davos for their annual gathering, people should be asking a simple question: Have they overcome their infatuation with US President Donald Trump?Two years ago, a few rare corporate leaders were concerned about climate change, or u
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Dec 10,2019
NEW YORK — It is clear: We are living beyond our planet’s limits. Unless we change something, the consequences will be dire.
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Nov 05,2019
NEW YORK — At the end of the Cold War, political scientist Francis Fukuyama wrote a celebrated essay called “The End of History?” Communism’s collapse, he argued, would clear the last obstacle separating the entire world from its destiny of liberal democracy and market
By Joseph E. Stiglitz - Aug 28,2019
NEW YORK — For four decades, the prevailing doctrine in the United States has been that corporations should maximise shareholder value, meaning profits and share prices, here and now, come what may, regardless of the consequences to workers, customers, suppliers and communities.



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