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Jonathan Power
By Jonathan Power - Nov 16,2017
When US President Donald Trump stretched his hand across our television screens on Sunday to shake the hand of the Philippines’ president, Rodrigo Duterte, and then said he had “a great relationship” with him, I felt my gorge contracting.Having tasted the great, if sometimes
By Jonathan Power - Nov 09,2017
Even former US president Jimmy Carter, who single handily (without much Jewish appreciation) did more to make Israel secure than any other living person, confesses that neither he nor anyone else can change the march of demographics.Within the boundaries of the Holy Land, there a
By Jonathan Power - Nov 02,2017
To its credit, the Soviet Union and its successor state, Russia, has long supported UN peacekeeping, a practice that originated in 1960 in the time of UN secretary general, Dag Hammarskjold, who evolved the concept during the great Congolese civil war when it was in danger of bec
By Jonathan Power - Oct 26,2017
Over recent years, many Iranians in the big cities confided quietly to the opinion pollsters that they feel an empathy with the West.It was not reciprocated.Frankly, most people in the West have no in-depth opinion about Iran.
By Jonathan Power - Oct 19,2017
Cambodia is no longer going forward, it is slipping backwards, as it has many times before.Earlier this month, the government asked the supreme court to dissolve the main opposition coalition.
By Jonathan Power - Oct 12,2017
In the Cold War days, some of us used to say “better red than dead” to rebuff those who believed in nuclear deterrence as a way of political life that gave them security.Now those of us who are frightened that US President Donald Trump could start a nuclear war over Iran or North
By Jonathan Power - Oct 05,2017
Recent reports estimate that India’s annual economic growth rate is now down to 5.5 per cent.The government of Narendra Modi, which until recently seemed to be on a public opinion roll, could fall off its log, but that depends on the Indian electorate ending its self-deceit.Three
By Jonathan Power - Sep 28,2017
Out of the blue, the war in Vietnam is in the news. Yet it is not the 50th anniversary of America’s defeat in Vietnam, when North Vietnam caused it to flee.
By Jonathan Power - Sep 21,2017
“It’s not over until the fat lady sings”, goes the adage, referring to the often overweight soprano who sings the last aria in Wagner’s opera, Gotterdammerung.British Prime Minister Theresa May is convinced of her own righteousness over Brexit, although she herself voted “remain”
By Jonathan Power - Sep 14,2017
It is the most repeated maxim in all the reporting on Afghanistan: “The Americans have the watches, the Taliban have the time”.Dead right!This is America’s longest war ever: 16 years and counting.



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