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Harold James
By Harold James - May 10,2016
Democracy everywhere is facing serious challenges.The United States is gripped by the most bizarre presidential primary campaign in living memory, with populist outsiders threatening to topple established party machines.Brazil is paralysed by constitutional crisis.Europeans trace
By Harold James - Apr 11,2016
The British government’s recent announcement that a referendum on Britain’s European Union membership will be held on June 23 was quickly followed by a sharp drop in the pound’s value.Exchange rate volatility for the pound is bound to continue until the referendum, and to intensi
By Harold James - Feb 07,2016
The price of oil is often regarded as a sort of thermometer to measure the health of the world economy.
By Harold James - Jan 26,2016
The upcoming referendum on the United Kingdom’s continued membership in the European Union, almost certain to be held this year, could turn out to be yet another major catastrophe to hit Europe.If, as seems increasingly plausible, British voters chose to leave, the result would b
By Harold James - Oct 18,2015
If there is a bright side to the turmoil that has roiled the global economy since 2008, it is that not every part of the world has erupted simultaneously. The first blow was the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States, to which Europeans responded with self-satisfied r
By Harold James - Sep 29,2015
So far, the Volkswagen scandal has played out according to a well-worn script.
By Harold James - Jul 01,2015
The largest unresolved issue in the European Union is mobility.The integration process was intended to make it easier and more attractive for Europeans to move from one country to another.
By Harold James - Jun 13,2015
Europe’s ongoing malaise has reignited the old debate over which form of government produces better economic performance.Are authoritarian regimes, with their ability to ram through unpopular choices, more effective at generating growth?Or does liberal democracy, with its built i
By Harold James - Mar 30,2015
Niccolò Machiavelli is trending. More than 500 years after writing his famous treatise “The Prince”, Machiavelli has reemerged as one of Europe’s most popular political thinkers. And, indeed, his book — one of the earliest political “how to&
By Harold James - Aug 16,2014
Though a solution to the euro crisis continues to elude European leaders, the foundations of one are not difficult to discern.



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