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Harold James
By Harold James - Sep 28,2019
PRINCETON — In remarkably similar ways and almost at the exact same time, US President Donald Trump and Brexit have destroyed transatlantic conservatism.
By Harold James - Sep 08,2019
MUNICH — A monetary-policy regime centred on quantitative easing (QE) and zero or even negative interest rates has created an extraordinarily permissive environment for politicians of a certain disposition.
By Harold James - Jul 02,2019
PRINCETON — The terrible experience of the 1930s should remind us that trade and currency wars go together like a horse and carriage.
By Harold James - Jun 02,2019
PRINCETON — The European Parliament elections that concluded on May 26 turned out to be a Game of Thrones replay, a long and complex story with a surprising and, for many, unsatisfactory outcome. As with Game of Thrones, some fans are calling for a different ending.
By Harold James - Feb 16,2019
PRINCETON — It has now been just over 100 years since the opening of the Paris Peace Conference, which produced the Treaties of Versailles, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Neuilly-sur-Seine, Trianon and Sèvres, bringing an end to World War I.
By Harold James - Jan 10,2019
PRINCETON — As the home of both the Roman Empire and the Renaissance, Italy has long been at the forefront of cultural developments in Europe and western Eurasia. But it has also long served as an example of political decline.
By Harold James - Dec 05,2018
PRINCETON — The European Union has gained member-state approval for an agreement setting the terms of the United Kingdom’s exit from the bloc.
By Harold James - Oct 07,2018
PRINCETON — Populist economics has rarely had it so good. The US economy is roaring, the stock market is soaring, and US President Donald Trump’s administration protectionism has apparently had a negligible impact on growth.
By Harold James - Sep 06,2018
PRINCETON — So far this year, the world has marked the 50th anniversary of the Prague Spring, and its suppression, the centennial of the end of World War I and the bicentennial of Karl Marx’s birth.
By Harold James - Aug 02,2018
PRINCETON — When countries get nervous about their security, they often insist that they need to reduce their dependence on foreign products, shorten supply chains and produce more goods domestically. But does protectionism really improve security?



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