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Harold James
By Harold James - Sep 13,2023
PRINCETON — The rapid march of artificial intelligence is not only disrupting conventional notions of work. It is also changing the essence of human identity.
By Harold James - Aug 10,2023
PRINCETON — The historian Christopher Clark’s profound and illuminating new book, “Revolutionary Spring: Fighting for a New World, 1848-1849”, is a masterly demonstration of how remote historical periods can sometimes speak with urgency to the present.
By Harold James - Jul 23,2023
 WARSAW — Globalisation brings the world together through the movement of people, things, ideas, money and much else.
By Harold James - Jul 05,2023
 PRINCETON — Today’s inflationary surge calls for reevaluating the politics of public debt.
By Harold James - Jun 12,2023
PRINCETON — The collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX and the mesmerising rise and fall of its founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, is only the most recent episode encapsulating the perils of financial innovation.
By Harold James - May 15,2023
PRINCETON — Capitalism relies on competition. In practice, however, this core principle is often violated, because ambitious capitalists will naturally seek to eliminate competition and secure a commanding market position from which they can keep new would-be competitors at bay.
By Harold James - Apr 04,2023
 PRINCETON — A relatively small-scale banking crisis has been sufficient to demonstrate the fragility of multilateralism today.
By Harold James - Mar 12,2023
PRINCETON — After nine years of war, and one year of intensified fighting following Russia’s full-scale invasion, Ukraine’s future remains murky. In the West, the current debate is focused largely on the matter of weapons shipments to Ukraine.
By Harold James - Jan 29,2023
PRINCETON — Our world has become both confusing and confused. The international economy works well, but the political economy is mired in hostility toward markets, frustration at globalisation, and skepticism about growth.
By Harold James - Jan 02,2023
PRINCETON  —  It is not too soon to think about what will follow Russia’s war on Ukraine. Figuring out the post-conflict future is essential not just for Russia’s Ukrainian victims, but also for Europe and the world.



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