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Elizabeth Drew
By Elizabeth Drew - May 19,2017
On both sides of the White House fence, near-nervous breakdowns abound.The White House staff is said to be in a state of near collapse — bouncing from one presidential crisis to another, trying all the while to hide from a screaming president.On the other side of the White House
By Elizabeth Drew - Jan 14,2017
With Donald Trump’s inauguration as president of the United States fast approaching, the strangest — even craziest — post-election transition in US history is about to come to an end.This period has provided a clear demonstration of how unpredictable life with President Trump wil
By Elizabeth Drew - Dec 14,2016
Washington is not a city overflowing with the holiday spirit.
By Elizabeth Drew - Oct 24,2016
With the world mesmerised by the United States’ presidential race this year, the race for control of the US House of Representatives and the Senate has been largely overlooked. But the outcome of the congressional elections could make or break the next president’s agenda.For
By Elizabeth Drew - Sep 27,2016
Many people around the world are probably wondering why Hillary Clinton — who is obviously more prepared and better suited for the American presidency than her opponent, Donald Trump — is not waltzing to victory.Many Americans share the world’s bewilderment.National opinion polls
By Elizabeth Drew - Jul 03,2016
This is a grim time for America’s Republican Party.While most of the party’s rank-and-file members have embraced Donald Trump as their presidential nominee, Republican members of Congress are finding it hard to accept him as their standard-bearer.Nothing like this has ever happen
By Elizabeth Drew - May 14,2016
The contests to decide the nominees of America’s two main political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, for the presidential election are all but over.That leaves both parties facing the challenge of reuniting for the fall campaign — a feat that will be much harder to pul
By Elizabeth Drew - May 07,2016
Whatever becomes of his candidacy — whether he wins the Republican Party’s nomination or is even elected president of the United States — Americans and the rest of the world will be wondering for a long time how the phenomenon of Donald Trump happened.They are already doing so.Th
By Elizabeth Drew - Feb 27,2016
Being Hillary Clinton, one of the most celebrated women in the world, holder of some of the highest offices in American politics and possibly the next president of the United States, has had more than its share of agony.Widely regarded a year ago as a shoo-in for the Democratic P
By Elizabeth Drew - Jan 15,2016
If you find America’s presidential election campaign puzzling, you probably have a better grasp of it than those who are willing to predict an outcome.At this point, with both major parties set to choose their nominees in state-level primary elections or caucuses, there can be no



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