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By Editorial - Mar 22,2017
The Court of Cassation Tuesday set a landmark legal precedent by stiffening the sentence against two men who had murdered their sister in the name of “family honour”. The two brothers had been sentenced by the criminal court to prison terms ranging from seven-and-half to ten
By Editorial - Mar 21,2017
The US delegation to the United Nations Human Rights Council boycotted this body’s deliberations in Geneva on Monday because on its agenda were discussions about Israel and Palestine.The US boycott was decided before the council opened up the deliberations on the Israeli practice
By Editorial - Mar 20,2017
At the end of a recently concluded five-day visit to Jordan, the IMF country team acknowledged that the difficult regional circumstances weigh heavily on the country’s economy and, from the look of things, are going to push further down growth rates.The team’s visit was intended
By Editorial - Mar 19,2017
The finance ministers of the world’s major economies, the G-20, ended their meeting in Germany on Saturday rolling back their long-standing commitment to fight protectionism and support international efforts to control climate change.Their annual meeting closed with no
By Editorial - Mar 18,2017
An Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) report published last week found Israel guilty of apartheid, prompting UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, under pressure from the US ambassador to the UN, to ask that the report be withdrawn.ESCWA’s principled chief,
By Editorial - Mar 16,2017
The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) mayor has just unveiled a proposal that will be submitted to the Cabinet, to help alleviate the increasingly difficult traffic situation in the capital.The proposal contains several ideas that could prove to be at least a partial or temporary
By Editorial - Mar 15,2017
In the Cabinet session he partly chaired on Tuesday, His Majesty King Abdullah instructed the government to improve public administration and complete the electronic government programme by 2020.A “paperless government”, said the King, has become a necessity and “there [is] no ju
By Editorial - Mar 14,2017
UNICEF painted a grim picture of the suffering of children in war-ravaged Syria, where the number of children killed, maimed or recruited as soldiers reached an unprecedented level in 2016.The UN agency for children, which monitors the situation of children worldwide, found that
By Editorial - Mar 13,2017
The US’ increased aerial and ground forces involvement in the war against Daesh in and around Mosul must aim not only to deal the terrorist organisation a death blow, but also to try and contain Iran’s growing role in Iraq.Tehran has expanded its military intervention in Iraq to
By Editorial - Mar 12,2017
President Donald Trump called Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas a few days ago, inviting him to the White House to discuss advancing peace in the entire Middle East, including between Palestinians and Israelis.In the case of the latter, Trump wishes to talk about resuming peace ta