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By Editorial - Apr 23,2018
The sudden announcement of North Korean President Kim Jong-un that his country will immediately suspend all missile and nuclear tests and scrap its nuclear testing facility is certainly a breakthrough in a conflict that had threatened to explode into a nuclear war between Wa
By Editorial - Apr 22,2018
Saudi Arabia is reportedly floating, once again, the idea of sending its own troops to Syria as part of a coalition of forces to promote security and order in the country.Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al Jubeir has repeated this offer to the US with the hope that this time Washingt
By Editorial - Apr 21,2018
When the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) says that 14 cruise  ships are expected to drop anchor in Aqaba during April alone bringing with them thousands of tourists, this validates the prediction of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities that Jordan will witne
By Editorial - Apr 19,2018
Washington is in deep paralysis over one controversy after another exploding as out of the ordinary bombshells over President Donald Trump's personal record and past relationships.The most recent episode surfaced when the office of his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, was invest
By Editorial - Apr 18,2018
Her Majesty Queen Rania is taking on the scourge of bullying in schools, which is admittedly widespread not only in Jordan, but also worldwide.Even though not much attention is being paid to bullying by the public, it remains a dangerous phenomenon that is, silently and 
By Editorial - Apr 17,2018
Both, the Palestinian conflict and Iran’s interference in Arab affairs, figured high in the 29th Arab summit, dubbed as the "Jerusalem summit."The 16 Arab heads of state, who attended the summit with the remaining Arab countries represented by high-level delegations, did the
By Editorial - Apr 16,2018
The 29th Arab summit was held in Dhahran amidst a growing number of threats and issues facing the Arab world and its order.His Majesty King Abdullah delivered the opening speech in his capacity as the Chairperson of the 28th Arab summit held in Amman last year.The King chron
By Editorial - Apr 15,2018
Now that the long wait is over and the US, together with the UK and France, made good on their week-long promise to lodge an attack on Syrian chemical facilities by attacking one in the outskirt of Damascus and two other storage sites in the Homs area, the question is what is nex
By Editorial - Apr 14,2018
Water, a scarce commodity in Jordan, is on the mind of Prime Minister Hani Mulki for obvious reasons.Given the huge number of Syrian refugees in the country and the projected increase in the number of tourists, who would be visiting Jordan this year, the prime minister wanted Jor
By Editorial - Apr 12,2018
A group of twenty Lower House members have recently petitioned the government to reconsider the suspension of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Turkey because, on balance, they view the agreement as positive for Jordan.The government had suspended the FTA with Ankara citin



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