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By Editorial - Jan 23,2018
Oxfam International, the world renowned confederation of 20 NGOs working with partners in over 90 countries to end poverty, has recently found that 1 per cent of the wealthiest people in the world own or control 82 per cent of the world's wealth!This is indeed shocking and m
By Editorial - Jan 22,2018
His Majesty King Abdullah could not be clearer when he told visiting US Vice President Mike Pence on Sunday in Amman that Jerusalem must be the capital of the projected Palestinian state notwithstanding President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Isra
By Editorial - Jan 22,2018
Turkey’s military intervention in the northern Syrian city of Afrin under the code name “Olive Branch” will certainly complicate the already complicated conflict in Syria. Ankara has been threatening all along to strike at the so-called Kurdish People’s Protection
By Editorial - Jan 20,2018
Israel's official apology and deep regret for the wrongful killing of Jordanian judge Raed Zuaiter four years ago by an Israeli guard at a Jordanian-Israeli crossing point and the wrongful killing of teenager Mohammad Jawawdeh and Dr Bashar Hamarneh last July by an Israeli guard
By Editorial - Jan 18,2018
More than 1,800 key Muslim clerics in Pakistan have issued a timely fatwa (religious edict) Tuesday declaring suicide bombing unlawful, irreligious and anti-Islam. The courageous Pakistani imams need to be commended for their religious edict by taking&nbs
By Editorial - Jan 17,2018
The trilateral partnership struck between Cyprus, Greece and Jordan at the summit held between His Majesty King Abdullah, Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in Nicosia Tuesday is an exemplary model for relations between countrie
By Editorial - Jan 16,2018
The Patient Protection Coalition (PPC) representing a number of NGOs organised for the promotion and protection of health in the country at affordable costs is sounding the alarm about subjecting medicines including vitamins to higher sales taxes for fear that this additiona
By Editorial - Jan 15,2018
True to form, Israel wants the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) "liquidated" and its functions transferred to the UNHCR. That is exactly what the Israeli government has officially called for from the UN.  It is not hard t
By Editorial - Jan 14,2018
Yitzhak Herzog, the Israeli Labour leader, recently warned that Jordanian-Israeli bilateral relations have reached an all-time low over not only the row over the killing of  two Jordanians at the Israeli embassy last July at the hands of an Israeli security guard but al
By Editorial - Jan 13,2018
A group of deputies filed a motion to the Lower House of Parliament last week calling on the government to recall Jordanian Ambassador Waleed Obeidat from Israel in protest over recent waves of hostile and illegal Israeli actions on Jerusalem and Israel's endless&n



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