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By Editorial - May 08,2019
The rapid escalation of tension between the US and Iran can be traced first to President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from the 2015 nuclear accord, struck between Tehran and several Western capitals, in addition to Russia and China.Under the deal, economic and financi
By Editorial - May 07,2019
The flare-up of yet another round of violence between Israel and Gaza has ended in yet another ceasefire, projected to be broken again and again until there is a permanent solution to the plight of Gaza and its people.It is academic now how the cycle of violence between Israel an
By Editorial - May 06,2019
Television networks in Jordan, and elsewhere in the region, are in a race to offer all sorts of television entertainment during the month of Ramadan, including dramas and comedies, as if the holy month is for "fun!"Instead of amusement programmes for Ramadan, television stat
By Editorial - May 05,2019
Former vice president Joe Biden has decided to join the fray of the next presidential elections, which is already crowded, by declaring his candidacy formally last week.Biden is a formidable candidate, as he is the exact opposite of President Donald Trump on every front, and woul
By Editorial - May 04,2019
His Majesty King Abdullah marked Labour Day on Wednesday by lauding the contributions of workers in the public and private sectors in the country for their dedication and achievements. "Jordanians are known for their dedication.
By Editorial - May 01,2019
The Sri Lankan government came to the conclusion, after a thorough investigation in the wake of the terrorist attacks last Easter Sunday, that Daesh stood behind the elaborate and multiple terrorist attacks at churches and hotels in the country.The attacks were fou
By Editorial - Apr 30,2019
The holy month of Ramadan is around the corner, and the government is aware of this holy occasion and is making preparations for it by promises to keep prices of essentials "affordable", for whatever that means.Fasting people have a short fuse during the long fasting ho
By Editorial - Apr 29,2019
So comedian Volodymyr Zelensky has won by a landslide the presidential election in Ukraine against the incumbent traditionalist Petro Poroshenko.
By Editorial - Apr 27,2019
It is axiomatic in political relations as, indeed, is the case in physics that to every action there is a reaction.
By Editorial - Apr 25,2019
Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said it all in the most direct and candid way possible when he told his Arab counterparts at last Sunday’s extraordinary Arab foreign ministers’ meeting in Cairo that “sovereignty over Jerusalem is Palestinian and the custodianship over its holy