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By Editorial - Jun 08,2018
Prime Minister-designate Omar Razzaz is taking his time to assemble together a team of ministers for a good reason.
By Editorial - Jun 06,2018
His Majesty King Abdullah could not be any clearer when, in his letter of designation of the new Prime Minister Omar Razzaz, he outlined the key issues, goals and objectives of the agenda of the new government.Right at the outset, the King said that the main challenge facing the
By Editorial - Jun 06,2018
The "induced" resignation of outgoing prime minister Hani Mulki came as no surprise after he has failed to react positively to the repeated signals and messages of His Majesty King Abdullah and the calls of demonstrators across the country to withdraw the controversial new income
By Editorial - Jun 05,2018
His Majesty King Abdullah has said it all when he told the National Policies Council on Saturday that it is unfair for citizens to be left alone to carry the burdens of the financial reform.The King said to the council, and through it to the entire country, th
By Editorial - Jun 03,2018
Every evening over the past few days, more and more demonstrators have been taking to the street to protest a income draft tax law, fuel price hikes and more importantly what they view as a government indifferent to their economic hardships.  The government, meanwhile, was a
By Editorial - Jun 02,2018
His Majesty King Abdullah instructed the government to cancel the recent increase on fuel and electricity prices for the month of June, even though the government says it had to increase them to meet rising oil prices in the international market.The King is clearly sensitive
By Editorial - May 31,2018
The country had witnessed on Wednesday widespread demonstrations, strikes and protests by people, trade associations, labour unions, merchants, wholesalers and even supermarkets, big and small.The anger is against the draft income tax legislation that seems to enjoy no support, e
By Editorial - May 30,2018
Jordan is keeping a close watch over developments in the south of Syria in the wake of Damascus' recent threat to launch an attack on rebel forces deployed in and around the city of Daraa.Jordan's concern is, of course, legitimate since Jordan, Russia and the US had rea
By Editorial - May 30,2018
The unannounced visit of His Majesty King Abdullah to Al Bashir Hospital in east Amman on Sunday was not the first of its kind.
By Editorial - May 28,2018
According to President of the Foodstuff Traders Association Khalil Haj Tawfiq, demand for foodstuff during this year's Ramadan has gone down by 22-30 per cent across the board.Other indicators from other sources also corroborate this finding and extend the decline on demand



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