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Daoud Kuttab
By Daoud Kuttab - Aug 13,2014
This week I became a grandfather. My eldest daughter gave birth to a baby girl in Jerusalem; baby and mother are healthy and fine. This piece of good news did not come so easily emotionally or politically, however. For weeks, we have been hearing, seeing and talking to people
By Daoud Kuttab - Aug 06,2014
The images were different, but two words were repeated in most TV graphics announcing the start of the ceasefire. “Gaza victorious” (Gaza tantaser) were the words superimposed on images of Palestinian fighters, rockets and scenes of destruction in the background. So
By Daoud Kuttab - Jul 24,2014
Before the information revolution, it was a given that a victor writes history. In today’s world, with credible irrefutable information at your fingertips, how come so many people get it wrong?
By Daoud Kuttab - Jul 16,2014
In violent conflicts, parties to the conflict are always under pressure to cease fire.
By Daoud Kuttab - Jul 09,2014
When three Israelis went missing three weeks ago, and before any evidence was made available, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided on his own to pin responsibility on the Islamist movement Hamas.
By Daoud Kuttab - Jul 02,2014
If all goes as planned, this could be the last World Cup that the general public in most Arab countries, including Jordan and Palestine, will not be able to watch for free. According to FIFA laws and regulations, TV broadcasting of the game should not be monopolised by any count
By Daoud Kuttab - Jun 18,2014
The kidnapping of three Israeli religious settlers in an area under the total administrative and security control of the Israeli army has partially brought back attention to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but for the wrong reasons. While it is natural that the phone calls by
By Daoud Kuttab - Jun 11,2014
Since April 24, 120 out of the 189 Palestinians held without charge or trial have refused taking any food.
By Daoud Kuttab - Jun 04,2014
Politicians the world overweigh their decision and statements on numerous levels: What will be their effect on the position, will they work and how will they affect the politicians’ long-term career. Israeli leaders, especially Premier Benjamin Netanyahu, do not appear to
By Daoud Kuttab - May 21,2014
Early signs of efforts to produce a unity Palestinian government reflect many of challenges, expected after a seven-year-long division. News from Ramallah and Gaza reveals the apparent capitulation of Islamic Hamas to its nationalist adversary. The choice of prime minister appe



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