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Aug 05,2019 - Last updated at Aug 05,2019

A book which I wrote will be published soon. In September, there will be a launching ceremony of the book titled “Talal Abu-Ghazaleh: A Man from the Future”. It is an analytical book which reveals how and why Abu-Ghazaleh succeeded in building his TAG-Global and how he made it through thick and thin.

Abu-Ghazaleh is focused on the future, which he takes very seriously. He thoroughly believes in what Fortune stated that China is now beyond the technological barrier and that there is no way to rein its progress from becoming the dominant technological power of the world.

All the manifestations of rivalry between China and the US, such as trade and currency wars, will be dwarfed when compared with the technological war. Abu-Ghazaleh sincerely believes that the whole shindig against Iran is to deny China access to its needed 9-10 million barrels of crude oil every day.

If successful in blocking oil to China, the US hopes China would come to negotiate intellectual property restrictive arrangements and compensations. The result would be to contain China’s prospective technological superiority.

All these attempts, according to Abu-Ghazaleh, would not deter China from sticking to its ambitions. As a result, he believes World War III will become inevitable. This war may be preceded by a complete naval blockade barring China from reaching its targeted markets.

At the helm of technology sits artificial intelligence (AI) with all its prospects. If the Middle East and Africa above the equator are denied access to Chinese goods, it is better that they start preparing for this now.

Believing in the above sequential premises, Abu-Ghazaleh takes corporate action to transform all his operations to artificial-based technology. He is a true believer that whoever excels in AI will prevail and survive the near futuristic challenges of embargos, blockades and eminent global wars.

Whether the futuristic historical narrative will conform to the predictions of Abu-Ghazaleh or not, he could not be wrong on the transformation of his organisation into the AI arena.

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