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Jawad Anani
By Jawad Anani - Jun 10,2019
Arab societies at large, and Jordan is no exception, face the challenge of managing the transition from rentier societies to productive ones.
By Jawad Anani - Jun 04,2019
The government, under the watchful eye of Prime Minister Omar Razzaz, has already launched a number of sectoral and cross-sectoral segments of the Renaissance Strategy 2019-2025.
By Jawad Anani - May 27,2019
We are looking at all these fancy accolades bestowed on certain democracies in the world, and what on earth do we see?
By Jawad Anani - May 20,2019
Last year’s trade value between China and the US was about $710 billion. Of that, China exported $530 billion and imported $180 billion. In other words, the US suffers a deficit of $350 billion with China. That is much better than what it had been.
By Jawad Anani - May 13,2019
The most recent Cabinet reshuffle in Jordan took place last Thursday, and it was exposed over the following weekend with a barrage of comments and media articles. They were predominantly negative.
By Jawad Anani - May 06,2019
Ibrahim Karaki is the mayor of one of the towns in Jordan. Israeli tourists happened to be close by, seeking to stay and enjoy the waters of a small brook.
By Jawad Anani - Apr 29,2019
The original book titled “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” was authored by the American L. Frank Baum and published in 1900. The characters of Dorothy, her dog Toto, the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow named Hunk, the Tin Man and the Wizard of Oz are figments of Baum’s imagination.
By Jawad Anani - Apr 22,2019
In a fascinating interview, Christiane Amanpour asked the noted British storyteller Ian McEwan about what worries him most about the future.
By Jawad Anani - Apr 15,2019
Now that Royal Air Maroc has started its flights between Casablanca and Amman, we expect larger numbers of businessmen and tourists from both countries to fly to each other. I have visited Morocco 15 times at least, where I went there officially, professionally and as a tourist.
By Jawad Anani - Apr 08,2019
His Majesty King Abdullah puts a great emphasis on Jordanian talents to interact with the world of the fourth industrial revolution.



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