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‘Let us build this country, let us serve this nation’

Feb 09,2015 - Last updated at Feb 09,2015

As we memorialise the departure of my beloved brother Al Hussein — God have mercy on his soul — on February 7, 1999, I recall with you the principles and goals of the Arab Renaissance launched and led by Sherif Hussein Bin Ali and his sons, which erupted to fulfil the hopes and aspirations of the Arab nation for a dignified living, self-determination and the establishment of an independent Arab state.

This message constituted a significant and fundamental part of the thought of the late King Hussein, echoed in his words: “This homeland is the abode of the Great Arab Revolt, to which free Arabs can rely on, rejecting division and dependence, forming a wall of national unity that is impervious to penetration and dismemberment, committed in its yearning to Arab unity in confronting the schemes of oppression and aggression. Our vision will remain focused on Jerusalem, striving beyond our capacity to recover the land and environs that God has blessed.”

Since the founding of the Jordanian state it has perseveringly striven to confront the challenges of various forms, relying on national unity and a cohesive social fabric.

The builder King Hussein did his utmost to develop a Jordanian national character that is based on accepting and respecting the other, as well as tolerance, moderation and pluralism.

Al Hussein was nurtured with a nationalist consciousness which he derived from his father His Majesty King Talal and also his grandfather King Abdullah Bin Al Hussein — God have mercy on them.

Foremost among the components of this consciousness is a commitment to the principles of Islam hand in hand with a political and intellectual openness towards the other, safeguarding human dignity, and dedication to serving the people and the public interest.

Among his words, which I recollect: “We must rise to the level of Islam rather than revert to it. Our pulpits should continue to adhere to our creed and the fundamentals of our nation, calling unto God with wisdom and good counsel, in a manner removed from fanaticism or violence, or the exploitation of religion to achieve small individual aims.”

I also recall the words of my grandfather,  the founding King — God have mercy on him — where he said: “There is no darkness for the seeing, and no veil for the knowing, and no hesitation for one endowed with vision and no fear for one who knows the truth and declares it.”

We in this homeland recognise the meaning of sacrifice, and acknowledge that there are men who are committed to truth, have removed injustice from the weak and provided succor to the distressed, raising the banner of the house of the Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him. God will not abandon those in any circumstance.

May Allah have mercy on Al Hussein, and may He support the leader of the country King Abdullah the Second Ibn Al Hussein who continues to raise the banner and honour the trust.

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