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El Hassan bin Talal
By El Hassan bin Talal - Mar 26,2020
Humankind has outlived multiple pandemics in the course of world history.
By El Hassan bin Talal - Apr 01,2019
As we commemorate 100 years on from Versailles and the end of World War I, what has happened to the self-determination of peoples and the inadmissibility of acquisitions of territory by war?
By El Hassan bin Talal - Mar 16,2019
Words cannot express adequately the pain and anguish I feel at Fridays’ heinous attacks in New Zealand. I share the anguish of my fellow Muslims at those who have orchestrated such diabolical carnage in a place of prayer.
By El Hassan bin Talal - Mar 01,2018
Over the past week, we have witnessed some of the Syrian conflict’s worst days of violence.
By El Hassan bin Talal - Jul 17,2017
On Friday, July 14, two Israeli police officers and three Arab Israeli gunmen were killed within Al Haram Al Sharif compound.This raises the eternal question of Jerusalem and the management of holy space.Sadly, religion, and the way we worship, is being politicised and used as a
By El Hassan bin Talal - May 30,2017
Once again the world mourns the loss of innocent lives.The recent attack in Manchester has yet again shocked and angered the world; time and again we see barbarous acts perpetrated against society’s most precious asset: its youth.Across the world, children continue to be targeted
By El Hassan bin Talal - May 21,2016
The deliberations of the first international summit conference for humanitarian work will commence on May 23, 2016 in the Turkish city of Istanbul.
By El Hassan bin Talal - Aug 01,2015
The Arab nation, with one common culture and destiny, is now experiencing fierce inner conflict and discord among forces, groups and entities that compel people of great potential and great minds to leave their countries; opening the way to calls for yet deeper divisions across e
By El Hassan bin Talal - Jun 20,2015
As we attempt to comprehend the spirit of the age and its manifold challenges, we become aware of our civilisational heritage, of a political legacy and an Arab Renaissance which was founded in the last century on the principles of nationalism, freedom, unity, independence, equal
By El Hassan bin Talal - Feb 09,2015
As we memorialise the departure of my beloved brother Al Hussein — God have mercy on his soul — on February 7, 1999, I recall with you the principles and goals of the Arab Renaissance launched and led by Sherif Hussein Bin Ali and his sons, which erupted to fulfil the



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