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Apr 23,2019 - Last updated at Apr 23,2019

So what was new in the extraordinary meeting in Cairo that the Palestinian Authority had called for to discuss the deteriorating Palestinian affairs?

What Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas told the participating Arab foreign ministers about Israel's grave violations and revocation of solemn commitments to the Palestinians, or how the US policies on the Palestinians and the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) are developing, is well-documented and well-known to all the participants.

So we ask again: What is new?

There must be something concrete that the Palestinian side seeks and wants from the Arab world at this stage in the conflict, especially on the eve of the so-called "deal of the century".

The Palestinian side needs to get its act together and agree on specific policy guidelines that they could propose to the Arab world in order to face the dangers looming on the horizon, whether old or new. There is no sense in just holding meetings or calling for them and raising false expectations among the Palestinian people about their future.

Surely, the Palestinians know by now what the Arab world can, and would, do to deflect the dangers facing them, and that putting that to the test is unwarranted.

A more propitious time to hold an Arab emergency meeting could be after the "deal of the century" is out in the open. There are simply too many speculations about the deal, and until there is well-documented information about it, there is really no sense in discussing it in abstract terms.

The Palestinian people are simply fed up with meetings and discussions. What they really want is action, something that is not in the offing! There is nothing worse or more damaging than holding meetings that make no difference to them.

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