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In solidarity with Lebanon

Aug 06,2020 - Last updated at Aug 06,2020

Jordan has swiftly offered support and voiced solidarity with Lebanon in the aftermath of a mammoth explosion in the capital Beirut that claimed at least 135 lives and injured 5,000 others.

Among the first world leaders to respond, His Majesty King Abdullah directed the army to dispatch a military hospital to Lebanon. 

The field hospital will be fully equipped for conducting surgery, and thus will include all medical specialties to serve the people of Lebanon and mitigate the burden on Lebanese medical facilities. It will include 48 beds, 10 ICU beds, two operating rooms and an X-ray lab, with 160 staff members, the Royal Court said.

His Majesty also telephoned Lebanon President Michel Aoun and expressed condolences over the victims of the tragic explosion that hit the Beirut port, wishing the injured a speedy recovery.

Sharing the grief of the Lebanese people, Jordanians took to social media to extend messages of support.

No doubt, the Royal gesture and Jordanians solidarity with the Lebanese people mirror the Kingdom’s historical ties with the Mediterraneannation and underscore both nations' uniform pan-Arab stances and mutual commitment to defend Arab causes. 

Needless to say, Jordan, despite its meagre resources and home to hundreds of thousands of refugees, has been offering a helping hand to nations in times of adversity. Be it refugee crisis, natural disaster or amid the ongoing pandemic crisis, Jordan springs into action, offering its expertise in humanitarian assistance and mobilising vital support to nations in crisis.

These are extraordinary difficult times for Lebanon. The massive blast comes at a time when the nation is grappling with a severe economic crisis. However, a nation that survived a 15-year civil war, sectarian violence and terror attacks will definitely weather this calamity. 

As always, Jordan stands by Lebanon and its resilient people.

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