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Investment in regional stability

May 08,2018 - Last updated at May 08,2018

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said in a press conference at the end of his visit to the country that Jordan can become a hub for logistics and information technology (ICT), and to back up this generous and promising forecast he had some Japanese CEOs signaling their readiness and willingness to invest in the country for this purpose.

Some Japanese business leaders have already invested in Jordan's solar and thermal power generation projects, but more is expected to be done in this vein.

Jordan and Japan have already agreed in principle on a Japanese-Jordanian investment accord that can set the stage for additional Japanese investments to make Jordan a hub for ICT.  This Japanese offer to contribute to investment in Jordanian ICT projects must not be missed.

Tokyo deserves to be commended for helping making Jordan a regional hub for technology as it comes at a time when Jordan needs partners in its plans to advance its infant ICT to a more advanced stage to eventually become a regional centre.

Oblivious investing in Jordan and its industries is an investment in regional stability and an effective way to thwart all forms of terrorism and radicalism in the area. Jordan is already a hub for counterterrorism, and becoming a hub for ICT can only bolster its capabilities to combat radicalism and extremism in the region.

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