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Impeachment-haunted presidency

Sep 28,2019 - Last updated at Sep 28,2019

Talk of President Donald Trump’s impeachment has picked up steam lately in the wake of the disclosure that he telephoned the president of Ukraine asking for a personal favour in the context of an aid package being negotiated with the country. 

What’s worse, the requested favour called for investigating the trade relationship of  Hunter Biden, the son of Trump’s primary opponent and the front-runner in the next US presidential election, Joe Biden.

 According to the “whistle-blower” who disclosed this scandal, Trump was seeking “dirt” on Biden to upset his chances of winning the next election. 

In retrospect, impeachment has haunted President Trump from day one, and since his inauguration he has been implicated in various alleged scandals, including collusion with Russia to support his election in 2016. This is not to mention Trump’s bizarre and unorthodox polices, both domestic and foreign, that he started trumpeting from the moment he entered the White House. 

This time, though, the noose is getting tighter around his neck and he may not escape the impeachment process being orchestrated by his opponents from the Democratic Party. 

Removal of Trump from office will, of course, have widespread repercussions across the globe. However, for many countries it would mean the end of the nightmare that is Trump’s presidency. 


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