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If Trump wins 2020

Jul 08,2019 - Last updated at Jul 08,2019

The race among the 20-odd Democratic candidates for the 2020 US presidential election is in full swing and goes on unabated after the initial debates among them, with early signs that the cards are being constantly reshuffled in favour of the less popular candidates.

The popularity of the front-runner Joe Biden is slipping fast, and he is now no longer taken for granted to emerge as the one and only Democratic candidate to face President Donald Trump at the end of the day.

Biden suffers from several weak points, including his older age, lack of stamina and absence of energy to galvanise popular support behind him. In the absence of Biden, there is really no front-runner among the remaining Democratic candidates.

This would leave the door wide open to President Donald Trump to recover from his repeated stumbles and regain his stature as a formidable candidate for the next presidential election. Trump is busy trying to attain spectacular successes, including on the North Korean front, and achieving results that eluded all his predecessors through his unorthodox policies.

With the US economy red hot, domestic considerations are ripe for his reelection as president for another term. If this scenario continues to be borne out by the remaining debates among the Democratic candidates, especially in the last debate scheduled for late September, it would have serious implications for the Middle East region, and in particular regarding the Palestinian conflict.

If Trump remains in power for another term in the White House, something that looks very likely until now, he may end up finishing what he had set out to do; to "end" the Palestinian case on Israel's terms.

No doubt Israel and the powerful Jewish lobby in the US will work tirelessly for this end, even at the expense of the traditional democratic principles on the governance of the US.

In the absence of any powerful Arab lobby working against Trump's bid for reelection, the odds are in favour of Trump to win the next presidential race. As a matter of fact, some major Arab countries are openly on the side of Trump after forging a holy alliance with him on several fronts.

Given these considerations, the cards are stacked heavily in favour of Trump remaining the president for another term.

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