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The cycle of violence between Israel and Gaza

May 07,2019 - Last updated at May 07,2019

The flare-up of yet another round of violence between Israel and Gaza has ended in yet another ceasefire, projected to be broken again and again until there is a permanent solution to the plight of Gaza and its people.

It is academic now how the cycle of violence between Israel and Gaza starts or how it ends, since the core problem remains the same: The continuation of the brutal siege of Gaza by Israel, and the prevention of its people from pursuing and enjoying a normal life without threats by Israel.

The continued strangulation of the people of Gaza by Israel by cutting off their contacts with the outside world, including the enjoyment of normal trade and commerce relations with the neighbouring countries, has effectively put Gaza in a pressure cooker ready to explode at any moment, with or without a cause.

There is no escape from the conclusion that the only effective and lasting way to end this recurring cycle of armed conflict between the two sides is to solve the core issue facing Gaza; meaning the end of its suffocation and blockade by Israel by land, sea and air.

This latest flare-up of violence has ended in some sort of a truce, but the problem is for how long would it last. It is now predictable that every few months, a new round of warlike activities would erupt between Israel and Gaza. This cycle of violence needs an effective end and a permanent resolution.

The international community must endeavour through the good office of the UN, or even the major powers, to find a way to end the suffocation of Gaza and its people that prevents the Palestinian territory from pursuing a normal life. Until this happens, the two sides would remain locked in a permanent cycle of violence that could endanger the security of the entire region.

This is how the major powers can defuse the Israel-Gaza conflict, and prevent it from escalating into wider proportions. Anything short of this goal would end in yet another failure. This much must dawn on the UN and the permanent members of the UN Security Council.

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